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The Inspiring Story of a Teacher You Haven’t Heard

A TRAFFIC accident happened all too abruptly in a blind curve. Traffic policemen and some bystanders came to investigate what really happened. There were five passengers including the driver, who were bound to attend a spiritual renewal seminar. The car was bumped by a 10-wheeler cargo truck killing all the five passengers.

traffic accident

The people around exclaimed: “Poor car!” It was really in a deplorable situation. They also were pathetic towards the victims. Their bodies were distorted; blood oozed out from the cuts they received from the shattered glasses and sharp parts of the vehicle. As expected, the spirits of the passengers were disunited from their physical bodies and migrated to the world beyond. They journeyed for a long time, until they met the Great Judge who will decide on their destiny.

The first spirit was a decent bespectacled gentleman, dressed in white. He was the famous heart surgeon in town and he worked in a big hospital, earning a big income every week. He was also a well-respected person, God-fearing and a pro-lifer. His meritorious deeds included saving peoples’ lives, doing surgical operations, advising and recommending safety health tips. Aside from these qualities, he was also civil-spirited and community-oriented that he was awarded one of the most outstanding public servant. Indeed, his life could be a good example of service. The Great Judge thought this man could therefore go to heaven.

The second spirit was a sturdy, big and muscular fellow. He told the Great Judge that he was a construction engineer. He had constructed towering buildings like the big cathedral in their town. This made him a kind of philanthropic citizen because his services were free, as a sign of gratitude to God who had made his life very comfortable. Because his life is a good example of service, this fellow could go to heaven as well.

A familiar and comely spirit was the third one to face the Great Judge. Of course, he was immediately recognized as the priest who officiated masses everyday, heard confessions every Wednesdays and Fridays, preached God’s word every Sundays – and indeed, he was the famous “good shepherd of the flock”. He was the Master’s right hand on earth. Surely, he would merit heaven, for after all, he was supposed to lead the way.

“What a pity!” the Great Judge thought. This fourth spirit seems to feel inferior in comparison o his companions as he approached the Great Judge. “What has he done?” He shyly told the Great Judge: “Sir, I was the driver of the car. It was my fault that sent us here before you now. I was hired by my friend, the doctor to be his personal driver. You see Sir, I was their classmate in high school, unfortunately, I was not able to finish college because of untimely death of my father. I became an apprentice in a motor shop where I learned how to drive.”  He stopped at this portion, but the Great Judge saw what was really inside this man. He saw him to be a good parishioner, a church-goer, a model family man who loved his wife and children, a model community fellow who set his life as an example to others. The Great Judge found his life to be meritorious, thus he could also go to heaven with his friends.


The fifth and the last spirit was already old and gray. In fact, she wanted to be the last one to meet the Great Judge because of her slowness. As she faced the Great Judge, tears rolled down her cheeks that the Judge was filled with warmth and compassion. He asked her: “My child, what have you to say about yourself?” The old woman gave a brief but respectful reply: “My Great Judge, the only thing I could say about myself is – all the four men before me were my students… I was their teacher.

Knowing how wise the Great Judge was, you can very well conclude this story.

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