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INTEGRATION (Like Line A and Line B, Like Subject and Verb that Agree)

rmae integration

One and one is two.
We two, became one.
An unexpected you,
all the odds were gone.

Two words rhymed,
Two numbers combined,
Like subject and verb that agree,
Like Line A that meets Line B.

Thousand similarities,
Quick familiarities.
Giving values to the unknown.
So hidden meanings be known.

And how funny it was,
Cause as time passed,
Our differences increased and our sums decreased.
We were paradox! And oh! An anti-thesis!

I see it as a period.
To you, it’s a decimal point.
You crash hyperbola.
I’d smash hyperbole.

Both positive, we started in the quadrant one,
Functioning as appositive of each one.
Shifting to the complications of quadrant two.
It is a challenge to keep holding on to…

the promise we made,
that though the season of quadrant three comes,
goodbyes will never be bade
for we’re still to witness— thousand rising suns!

Finally finding one another in the quadrant four,
Where we get to understand each other more!
Opening and entering another door,
Knowing what those three quadrants are for!

Now my game’s ABC
Yours is 123
But we sing DO RE MI
Our lovely similarity.

Rosalyn Bautista

Ro, a crazy teacher and aspiring traveler. She loves interacting and dealing with different people. Observing their behaviours, knowing their stories and writing about them.

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