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"Ma" A Poem by Jhucel Atienza del Rosario

Carried me by the beautiful place of yours
Called womb
3 by 3 months you kept me with your embrace so warm and cool
For me you drink a lot of white liquids so full
Just for me, o.a. cares no place for null
I felt something comfortable
Enchanting love from that small door
A thin agitation but became so thick down the core,
And when that day came screams filled up
The four white corners,
I knew your crumble, your words
Sweat became painful tears
Just let me out and show the real beauty of this world
And meet my first kiss, my first heart beat with your heartbeat
Beats together… face together…

Ma, I’m sorry that sometimes I Forgot
That your love is always there…
From the folding canvass, when I flip, sit
To crawl up to walk, up to now
Your shadow always there for me
Even the sun rays gone to dream so deep
And in yours arms I’m with the melody turn to sleep

Ma I’m sorry, coz there’s a time that
I forgot to say thank You for everything,
You give me everything that I wanted
Always thinking for my safety, open arms
You accept me with my past mistakes
Again, Cherished and enclosed me with your
Everlasting love, hoping for better

Ma, I want you to know that even
There was a SOMETIME, that I always forgot
This TIME I want you to know that you are
Always in my memories, in my heart
Coz the Love of Yours is Immeasurable, unforgettable
You’re always in my Heart, my soul
I Love You Ma, from here, from there
See you soon..

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Jhucel Atienza del Rosario

He is the happiness ambassador of teacherPH, elementary teacher, creator of FaceBook Page: Ang Masayahing Guro, Artist @ GuhitPinas, Musikero kuno, komedyante sa gabi, adik sa kape... mangingibig. Follow him on Facebook.

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