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Program Management Information System (PMIS) User Guide

The Program Management Information System (PMIS) is a web-based information system that aims to facilitate the data collection, storage, analysis and reporting to track and monitor the physical and financial performance of the different programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) of the Department of Education.

The PMIS primarily aims to achieve the following:

  • Track PPAs at different levels of the department; and,
  • Provide reports required by the department and oversight agencies.

The system is expected to provide real-time data and information on the progress of implementation and achievements of programs and projects in aid of policies and decisions of management necessary to improve the delivery of quality outputs and thus, support basic education outcomes.

Step by Step Procedure in Updating Implementation Milestones

Step 1. Log in to the system (http://pmis.deped.gov.ph)

Log in to the system using the designated user account/name and password.

deped pmis

Step 2. Select Program/Project (Fund Source)

Select a Program/Project indicating the Fund Source of the Classroom Construction (i.e. PAGCOR, QRF, BEFF-Yolanda)

pmis deped

Step 3. Click “Programs and Projects Management”

Click ‘Programs and Projects Management’ to view the summary of procurement and implementation status of classroom construction.

pmis deped


Only when both the Status Description under Procurement Status reflects “Completed (Notice to Proceed)”, and under Implementation Status reflects “Not Yet Started”, that you can begin to update an implementation milestone.

Step 4. Click “Milestone”

Click ‘Milestone’ under ‘Programs and Project Management’ to view the list of projects of your school under the Program/Project (Fund Source) with the total approved allocation amount.

pmis deped

Step 5. Click “View Milestone” icon

Click the “View Milestone” (blue) icon to view the procurement and implementation details of a particular project for your school.

pmis deped

This page will show the details about the contract for the specific project you selected.

The ‘Schedule of Procurement’ illustrates the milestone schedule of the project under procurement, including actual date of completion per milestone.

pmis deped


Procurement data can only be viewed once Procurement Status reflects “Completed (Notice to Proceed)”.

Step 6 and 7.

Click ‘Implementation Process’ to view implementation milestone details.

pmis deped

Click ‘Add Accomplishment’ to update the status of the project.’

Step 8. Fill up the required information for “New Accomplishment” Milestone

Fill up information of new implementation accomplishment:

  • Description (dropdown list of stages);
  • Date Started;
  • Date Completed;
  • Remarks (if any)

pmis deped


Data on the latest registered milestone will be reflected in the summary of implementation status.


Fill up the New Accomplishment implementation data: [a] Description (dropdown list of stages); [b] Date Started

pmis deped

pmis deped

Fill up the New Accomplishment implementation data: [c] Date completed; [d] Remarks

pmis deped

pmis deped

Step 9. Click “Submit” to record the transaction

After filling-up all information needed in the implementation milestone update,

Click ‘Submit’ to save the record.

pmsis deped

Click the “Add Accomplishment” icon to add another implementation milestone and repeat the procedure of filling up new accomplishment data.

pmis step 9 a


Under the ‘Implementation Process’ tab, the ‘Accomplishment Status’ shall reflect the latest submitted implementation status.

Once finished, you may now log out of the system.

pmis deped

Note: Repeat steps 7 to 9 to add another implementation milestone and repeat the procedure of filling up new accomplishment data. Log out from the system once finished.

For any general and specific concerns and issues regarding PMIS implementation we will be happy to assist you.

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