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2018 Graduation Message of Bernadette Fojas Tamayo

Congratulations to Class 2018 of Senior High School. You have the distinct honor of being the pioneer graduates of this milestone in the Philippine educational reform.

A liberating education and an education for life is the gift of the nation to you dear Graduates so that the K to 12 Learners Are Ready to Face Life’s Challenges thru the support of your teachers, principal, parents, and other stakeholders in the community.

Be it academic, vocational or arts and design, whatever track or strand you endeavored, you have certainly grown more deeply knowledgeable and more skilled and thus better prepared in the pursuit of tertiary education or in embarking in the world of work or entrepreneurship.

Congratulations for hurdling the rigid requirements of Senior High School; however the challenge does not end with your graduation. Greater challenges are ahead of you but consider them more of opportunities that will test your mettle, further hone your competencies and strengthen your character so that eventually you can feel more confident in rising above life’s challenges.

Experts are saying that the jobs of the future will require more skills than knowledge. It is in this light that the implementation of Senior High School finds its relevance. Skills works abound for the graduates of Technical and Vocational Livelihood courses who are armed with the National Certificates on specializations. The additional years have trained you on critical thinking and creativity and have equipped you with real-life skills and knowledge at par with global standards to assure you of competitive edge in the ASEAN integration and even pave the way to your entry to world job market.

Chase your dream career and soar high but keep your feet on the ground. Bear in mind that aptitude tempered with service, humility and virtuous attitude will spell success.

God bless you all in your next endeavor.

Bernadette Fojas Tamayo, CESO VI
Schools Division Superintendent

Mark Anthony Llego

Mark Anthony Llego, hailing from the Philippines, has made a profound impact on the teaching profession by enabling thousands of teachers nationwide to access crucial information and engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas. His contributions have significantly enhanced their instructional and supervisory capabilities, elevating the quality of education in the Philippines. Beyond his domestic influence, Mark's insightful articles on teaching have garnered international recognition, being featured on highly respected educational websites in the United States. As an agent of change, he continues to empower teachers, both locally and internationally, to excel in their roles and make a lasting difference in the lives of their students, serving as a shining example of the transformative power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the teaching community.

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