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2018 Graduation Message of SDS Cherry Mae Limbaco

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement. Looking back, it was all worth it. Graduation is one grand accomplishment in your lives. It serves as an inspiration that you have the power to realize your dreams with determination and action. It is a symbol of success and the beginning of a better future.

The shift from 10 year to 12 year basic education cycle is the biggest and most dramatic education reform in the educational system. With K to 12 Basic Education Program, every Filipitio child is provided with education s/he needs to compete in a global context. The curriculum was designed to raise every learner with competencies, values, skills and passion to become a productive citizen in the society atid the nation as a whole.

Our learners as the center of education are assured to become a holistically developed Filipinos equipped with 21st Century Skills: learning and innovation skills, life and career skills, communication skills, and information media and technology skills. To our 6,218 Senior High School graduates, believe that DepED has prepared you for whatever undertakings that shall come your way as you begin in the next ladder of education. You are provided with core curriculum and subjects under a track of your choice to do great things in life. You will never be forgotten because you are the first batch of Senior High School in the Philippines.

I truly hope for brighter opportunities to come your way and achieve success in all of them. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Give nothing but your best. The journey of life brings both challenges and chances. Beat all the challenges and snatch the chance.

Again, congratulations to the graduates and completers of the 532 elementary, 60 secondary and 7 integrated schools of the Division of Bukidnon. Thank you for allowing your teachers and entire school community to be part of your journey. All the best and God bless!

Schools Division Superintendent

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