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2019 Graduation Message of SDS Lorna Bugayong



Recognizing diversity in learning and among groups and students is recognizing that indeed, we can establish an educated nation amidst challenges and scarceness of resources because we want better lives for ourselves and for our beloved Philippines.

Teachers and everyone in the school know so well the extraordinary importance of seeking out and acknowledging differences against the backdrop of heritage and culture, family and religious background, learning style and predisposition in pursuit of quality education. All these have been consistently performed by the department for the interest of all learners especially in the context of the K-12 Basic Education Program.

As previous knowledge and experiences are a strategy of transferring new information, teachers are able to build a framework of understanding among students. This provide basis for effective learning and vividly explore the positive concept of diversity.

We are all similar and different on a number of dimensions and yet something applies to everyone – our Love for our Learners and the Commitment to Care about and Support Them!

Education is the strong conduit for Change and Hope! It provides for the most accessible means through which any learner can make a transformation of his own life and that of others! Yes, change is possible! That is why, I admonish you learners to never give up on your dreams! To never tire in honing your passion! And for all dear parents, to ever support and encourage your children in their ambition despite and inspite of because many times it could be difficult.

As the eminent Greek philosopher Aristotle would say, Excellence is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and high execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives, Choice not by Chance determines your Destiny!

I wish then, to thank everyone especially the teachers for their painstaking efforts in ensuring the learning and welfare of their students, the school heads and principals together with the rest of the personnel in the their respective schools for the various form of support in the dispense of daily duties, the supervisors and all members of the Schools Division Office for the provision of technical help and certainly, the Graduates of SY 2018-2019, May all your best efforts come to fruition today and for the forthcoming years!

Schools Division Superintendent

2019 Graduation Message of SDS Lorna G. Bugayong, CESO VI

Graduation Picture of SDS Lorna G. Bugayong, CESO VI

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