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Back to School Tips for High School Students

Back to School Tips for High School Students

Summer is over and it’s time to turn over the page. Now, it’s time to prepare for a productive year or even a few years that are going to transform you into a would-be college student. 

Getting a good start at high school is very important as the beginning often determines how successful the whole course of studies will be. In reality, high school years may be the most decisive years for your entire academic career. But as they approach, you need to set yourself up for success and make a promise that you won’t just try to survive through this time but will move on and up with great determination and enjoy every moment. 

The tips we are going to share in this article concern every high school student who would like to go back to studies with enthusiasm and achieve high results.  

Becoming a More Conscious and High-Achieving Student: 8 Tips to Follow

If you are someone who wants to have a defined trajectory of moving up rather than just staying afloat during this year, these pieces of advice are for you. And even if you don’t feel very motivated right now, they can help you make a more effective study routine and get interested. 

Tip 1. Purchase a planner. 

During your senior and junior high school years you will not need to plan much in advance. Yet, you will find these skills priceless when you go to college and have to meet hundreds of deadlines, complete a few projects at the same time, mark significant dates for academic life and extracurricular activities. The especially nice purchase would be the planner where you can view a few months on the same page along with day-to-day and month-to-month pages. This is perfect for large projects such as term paper drafts or college admissions. 

Complement your planner with a wall-mounted calendar, use several ink colors or highlighter pens to write down events, and planning will seem very neat and feel enjoyable. Color coding is super effective when you use it for various subjects and helps you understand what still needs to be done at a glance. 

In case you are not a pen-and-paper person, do routine planning on your smartphone using the same principles and keeping it organized. 

Tip 2. Manage your biorhythms. 

This is not often spoken about in the context of study but the well-established biorhythms are a key to being an effective learner. Now, this goes beyond the lark and owl typology since sometimes high school leaves no choice: the day starts early and classes require a lot of effort. 

So, perhaps, you will need to change the way you slept and woke up in summer. If your school requires you to rise early, think of the ways to go to bed in time so that you wouldn’t cut down on sleeping time. Neglecting this aspect might tell on concentration abilities, your mood, and physical health in general. 

Tip 3. Have effective rest time. 

It’s not a secret that rest is the basic need of every person, and especially a busy teenager. Every day should consist of study time and the time to unwind unless you, of course, aim to have a nervous breakdown. 

And there is no rule to follow to have really effective chill time – some teens enjoy half an hour of singing to their favorite songs, some would love to paint a quick sketch with watercolors, and some only rest when they walk somewhere in the forest. Whatever type you are, make it your ritual. Have the time when you can stay at peace and renew your strength to have the energy to go on: such time makes your life more enjoyable. 

Tip 4. Use academic help services (when necessary).

Sometimes there are cases when you need to compensate for learning one discipline more diligently than the others. To help you do better and a lot get low grades at high school, writing services are ready to offer their assistance. 

Pick reliable tools such as AffordablePapers to get your homework done when you are at your last legs. They complete various types of written academic papers, including those of the high school level. Educated writers, perfect content, no problems with meeting deadlines – all of this you get when using the help of the Affordable Papers team. Besides, it is cheap enough, especially when you place orders beforehand. 

Tip 5. Do not try to participate everywhere. 

Basketball competition, chess club, theatre studio, – these are marvelous ways to spend time but are you sure you will not burn out? 

Now, this never means you should focus only on your academic performance. Having a few main hobbies is great for a high schooler. It is actually the sign that you’re not a snob, so, congratulations. But paying too much attention to secondary things often makes us frustrated and unable to meet the main goals. 

The best way to go is to choose a few spheres and pursue them with all of your heart and mind. This will also give a better sense of satisfaction than participating in all extracurriculars and doing none of them well. 

Tip 6. Find your tricks for studying. 

There are many types of learners – visual, audial, kinesthetic, mixed, etc. What appears effective for your friend might be useless for you. That is why try to find the study method that will help you learn faster, fruitfully, and have fun. 

Some of the popular tricks’ students use include having background music on. Now, this is a game-changer when it comes to focusing and there is plenty of playlists for study out there! Just know what works for you and use it. 

Tip 7. Take good care of yourself. 

Now, this might sound weird but you can often sacrifice your own wellbeing for studies. And it shouldn’t be so. There are days when you don’t feel well or need more time to recover; days when you are mentally overloaded and need a friend to talk to; days when you have other priorities than studies and it’s okay. 

Listen to the signals your body sends, give it good sleep and food, plan healthy lunches to take to school, learn how to handle stress, and communicate with other people. 

The Final Word

These back to high schools’ tips is easy to follow are extremely useful if you start to apply them. When you get down to implementing them in your studies, not everything might go perfect – your organization skills might fail you, you might still eat crisps for dinner, or be overly committed, – but as go on and stick to them they will make your life simpler. 

Michael Turner

Michael Turner is a study coach and academic writer at the leading essay service. Michael helps students complete assignments and college projects. He also teaches young people to achieve their learning goals efficiently.

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