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Game-Based Learning: How to Develop Writing Skills with Games

Game-Based Learning How to Develop Writing Skills with Games

Writing is a beautiful art. It is a form of self-expression that lets you scribble down ideas for yourself and other people. However, writing in school can be a tedious task, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. However, hundreds of apps and techniques have been released in this modern era to help people improve drastically on these skills. A new approach is game-based learning.

Game-based learning refers to borrowing certain gaming principles and adding them to realize scenarios to engage users. It works psychologically to ensure the user stays engaged dynamically while still performing educational activities.

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This is one of the best creative writing games for kids and adults. Asides from the obvious educational learning they would be doing, this game also helps them relieve tension and make them more susceptible to their class works. It creates a way for them to relate playfully with each other while being creative.

Materials You Need: Paper, Pencil

How To Play

1. Each kid is given a sheet with a different prompt. If there are ten kids, then a provision should be made for ten different prompts.

2. A timer should be set for 5-10 minutes, and within this frame, the student should introduce the story’s settings using the said prompt in the paper sheet. When the time is up, a bell should be rung.

3. Here is the fun part. Once the time is up, each kid must put their names beside their work and crumple up the paper. Then, you can have a snowball fight where all the kids throw these pieces of paper at each other.

4. When you’re satisfied with the amount of fun they have had, you can sound the bell again and tell each kid to pick up the paper closest to them. If one kid picks their work, they should return the paper to the pile and pick another one.

5. Writer 2 is the second kid who picks up the paper, and they would be responsible for continuing the prompt by starting from where writer 1 stopped.

6. When the timer is up, have the writer 2 put their name beside their work and crumple up the sheet again.

7. Repeat the entire snowball process

8. However, writer three would return the paper sheet to the original writer, and its works become their own story. They are now responsible for adding, revising, editing, and every other necessary addition.

Writing Karaoke

This is one of the best educational writing games to enhance the student’s attention and listening time. Building attention and listening time is important because kids get distracted a lot during lessons. You can read more about distractions in the classrooms on samplius.com, but you can help elongate their attention spans with this game.  During this lesson also, spelling and vocabulary will be targeted.

Materials needed: Pen and Paper

How To Play

1. Depending on the age bracket of the kids in this session. For younger kids, you can pick an interesting song. For older kids, you can go with an audio presentation.

2. All the kids should be at attention, with their pen and paper.

3. At the sound of the alarm, you would play the song or audio presentation, and the kids are to write them as many words as they possibly can from it.

4. Depending on their receptiveness, you can repeat the song more than two times.

5. Once the song or audio is finished, the correct lyrics would be placed on a large screen, and the kids would exchange their sheets for scoring.

6. Correct spelling is also an important factor when scoring this.

Continue The Story

This is another one of the best interactive writing games for students, either in college, high school, or even lower. It is not as rowdy as a snowball but might be similar in the way they work in helping the student improve their vocabulary and writing skills, using game-based methods.

Materials Needed: Pen, Paper

How To Play:

1. Arrange or distribute the kids into rows or a small circle, with each kid holding their pen and paper.

2. On starting the game, each of these kids needs to write one line for a story. As a teacher, you can write a more difficult prompt to inspire their thinking to spice things up.

3. Once they’re done writing a line from their story, they fold the paper so their sensitivity is hidden and then pass it onto the next kid. Until the bell rings, the paper should stay folded down. This is to enhance uniformity.

4. On sounding the alarm, the second kid should unfold the paper and start writing from where the first writer stopped.

5. This alarm is rung again, and the kid folds the paper price before passing it along to the next person.

6. The entire process is repeated until the students have written more than a few times and you think it’s time to read their works


There are so many ways to have creative fun with your kids, and here are a few tips to help you get started. Writing is a crucial aspect of education, and as parents and guardians, it would be essential to start impacting that vital knowledge to them right now. When doing assignments with them, use this game-based approach, and they will surely improve. 

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