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BOOKLat Pag-asa: An Epitome of Bayanihan

Hebrews 6:10 “ God is not unjust; He will never forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

Helping had always been a passion of a person with a good heart; indeed, it runs in the blood of every Filipino people to extend their helping hand to whomever in need of help, especially when a natural catastrophe occurs.

Team BOOKLat Pag-asa, named after aspiration and dedication to render an unconditional love through helping others is a group of Teachers, Parents and Pupils serves as volunteer who came all the way from Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga Region 3 and Ilocos Sur-Region 1 with different perspective in life but unified with one goal, the group was organized with the initiative and incomparable leadership of Mr. Neil Omar Gamos, the man behind this group.

The team organized a program intended for the psychological first aid of the evacuees that includes: the first station- the Book-based Storytelling executed by Multi-awarded kindergarten teachers, National illustrators and story writers for children, acclaimed Outstanding Teacher Awardees National, Regional and Division Level, Best Kindergarten Education Implementer in their respected regions and divisions in the person of Lester Henderson T. Zabala, Joey Magracia, Dr. Rjay Calaguas, and Dr. Cristopher Halagao who really made a difference in the present situation of the evacuees especially the children, second station-Magic art wherein a well-distinguished Teachers and artists namely Anna Pea, Courtney Seyer and Sir Jeff who facilitated the art activities, third station- Games and Madulang Pagkukuwento aided and simplified by Madel Mariano, Rachel Aina Borlongan Gamos, Wheng Santos Santiago, Mylene Paguiligan Bigcas, Claire Bernardino, Neil Omar Gamos the loving parents and teachers from Bulacan and Justin Bigcas, Darylle Bernardino, Shine Reyes and Aldea Santiago, the equally talented pupils from Bulacan. The activity will never start and complete without an opening prayer. The children who serve as the beneficiaries of the said event was divided into three groups according to their age level. They were given enough time to finish the activities in every station after going to another station until such time that they will finish all the stations. Prices and simple tokens a sign of thanksgiving to the participants were given in every station to gratify their eagerness to do the task and activities given to them.

Priceless smiles were brought into the innocent faces of the children during and after all the activities conducted and bring hope in their lives as they continue looking into the brighter and more positive outlook in life.

The program was conducted in Evacuation Center located at Sala Elementary School, Brgy. Sala, City of Tanauan, Batangas composed of 116 families that includes; 100 person ages 0- 12, 59 person ages 13-19 and 243 person ages 20 and above with a total of 402 evacuees in coordination with the Local DRRM Headed by Jeron Tanglaw, Red Cross personnel Madel Tanglaw, SK Chairman Mr. Antonio B. Trazona, Brgy. Captain Candido M. Terrones and maximum assistance of Sir Butch Brinas- SGOD Chief City Division of Tanuan Batangas.

The team traveled much of time, but nevertheless, it was never a hindrance to fulfill their mission. With God’s abundant grace and mercy, the program was successfully executed with grateful contentment of the heart and gratification of a soul that is compassionate.




Rjay C. Calaguas
Lester Henderson T. Zabala
Joey-Rey Magracia

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