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Guidelines on the Grant of Cash Allowance for FY 2019

In line with the annual grant of cash allowance for teachers, this post will provide clarification on the qualification of teachers that could avail the said grant.

The provision of both General Appropriations Act (GAA) for FY 2007, FY 2017, FY 2018 and FY 2019 (Special Provision No. 8) provides the legal basis on the grant of the cash allowance.

Legal Basis on the Grant of Cash Allowance to Teachers

Cash Allowance to Teachers
National Expenditure Program FY 2019 page 227

The amount appropriated herein for cash allowance to teachers shall be used for the payment of Three Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P 3,500) per classroom teacher for every school year for the purchase of chalks, erasers, forms, and other classroom supplies and materials.

It should be understood that the said allowance is hereby given to classroom teachers only for the purchase of chalks, erasers, forms and other classroom supplies and materials every school year.

Classroom teachers per classification should have the requirement stated by DepEd Memorandum No. 291 s. 2008 and DepEd Order No. 16 s. 2009 which provides the working hours of public school teachers as enumerated below:

“2. In view of requests for clarifications as to the implementation of the provisions of said Memorandum and reports of non-compliance or different interpretations at the school level as to its correct application, the following additional guidelines/clarifications are hereby promulgated:

2.1. The six (6) hours of actual classroom teaching shall cover the full teaching load of a teacher as indicated in the class program. As described in DepED Memorandum No. 291, s. 2008, teaching loads including advisorships and/or special assignments for the entire school year combined shall be considered as one teaching load;

2.2. The time interval between actual classroom teaching shall be counted as part of the two (2) hours spent for teaching- related activities except lunch breaks and recess periods;

2.3. Teachers who have rendered the six (6) hours of actual classroom teaching duly reflected in their daily time cards shall be deemed to have completed the required daily working hours and must not be declared to have incurred undertime in the report of attendance and must not be subjected to salary deductions by the concerned payroll services unit; ”

Thereby, teachers whose designation are related purely to non-teaching functions and do not meet the requirements stated above are not qualified to receive such allowance.

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