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Creating Educational Certificates Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

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After someone has completed your course, don’t let them leave empty-handed!

Present them with a certificate to mark the occasion, and as proof that they’ve attended your course.

In the past, creating an educational certificate might have involved paying a graphic designer hundreds of dollars to design one. But now, anyone can DIY a professional-looking certificate online at a low cost.

Read on to learn how.

What should you use to create your educational certificates?

The first step is to choose an online platform for creating your educational certificates. In this regard, I recommend using PosterMyWall. Here’s why:

Wide range of customizable certificate templates

PosterMyWall has a large selection of free certificate templates you can use to create your own unique certificate—even if you aren’t a graphic design expert:


These templates have been designed for a variety of occasions, such as for use as a certificate of achievement or as a certificate of participation.

They also come in different portrait and landscape sizes to suit every need.

Ease of use

Customizing templates is a breeze in PosterMyWall.

You’ll do so using a drag-and-drop editor, where editing the template is as simple as clicking its elements and dragging them to where you want them to go.


You’ll also be able to add shapes, text and images, and even change the design’s colors to make the certificate truly your own.

Premium features at reasonable prices

PosterMyWall lets you download a watermarked version of your designs for free. This is useful for getting initial feedback on your certificate.

Then, when you’re ready to print it, you can download a high-res, non-watermarked version starting from $2.99.

In some cases however, you may need to create a lot of certificates—such as for different events, and multiple certificate recipients per event.

If so, check out PosterMyWall’s premium subscription plans. They’re quite a good deal:

For $9.98/month, you’ll get unlimited high-res downloads of your image designs, and also unlock premium features such as custom fonts.


How to create an educational certificate in PosterMyWall

Find a template of your choice

If you already have a specific design in mind for your certificate, you can start designing it from scratch by clicking on Create a Design > Start from scratch

Start from scratch

Otherwise, open PosterMyWall’s library of educational certificate templates to find the perfect starting point for your certificate.

Don’t worry too much about the templates’ colors—focus on finding a template with a design that you like, such as its frames and text placement. You can always change the colors later.

Customize the template

Once you’ve picked your favorite template, click on “Edit Template” to start customizing it.

Your template will be loaded into the design editor, where you can:

  • Add your course logo and details of your course
  • Change the certificate’s colors
  • Add photos of the recipient or yourself, as needed

And of course, don’t forget to add the recipient’s name to the certificate!

Save and download your design

When working on your design, remember to save it periodically. Click the Save button at the top of the editor to do so.


And when you’re happy with your design, choose how you’d like to download it:

  1. Basic Image (free): download a watermarked JPG
  2. Standard Image ($2.99): download as JPG or PDF, no watermark and good for prints of up to 12” (recommended for certificates)
  3. High-Res Image ($7.99): download as JPG or PDF, no watermark and good for prints of up to 9 ft

Create educational certificates online—effortlessly 

Awarding certificates is a great way to cap off successful course attendance—and with an online graphic design tool like PosterMyWall, you can create polished certificates online easily and affordably.

Simply pick a template, design it and download it. You’re now all set to hand out your certificates to your next batch of course attendees.

But don’t just take my word for it. We recommend that you test PosterMyWall’s features so you can decide for yourself whether it meets your certificate creation needs.

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