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DepEd Cluster Head Duties and Responsibilities

The clustering of schools shall be done only for schools headed by a Teacher In-Charge/School In-Charge within the district based on proximity, accessibility, and the number of teachers. A cluster of at least three (3) schools with a total of at least nine (9) teachers shall be entitled to a cluster head. A disadvantaged, inaccessible, isolated island/mountain school may not form part of a school cluster. The cluster head must be with exemplary performance in conducting instructional supervision and in good standing in fiscal management.

Cluster Head Duties and Responsibilities

Hereafter are the duties and responsibilities of a cluster head:

Instructional Leadership, Management, and School Operations

  • Provides technical inputs in crafting the strategic plan (E-SIP, BE-LCP) of the school as well as improving the level of SBM.
  • Performs Instructional Supervision and provides relevant technical assistance to achieve desired learning outcomes.
  • Conducts class observation on teaching-learning delivery.
  • Submits quality and accurate reports on time but not limited to Instructional Supervisory Report.
  • Monitors the utilization of school funds such as MOOE, SBFP, etc.
  • Tracks essential performance indicators and the project implementation of E-SIP thru the conduct of Quarterly SMEA.
  • Monitors jointly with the resident TIC of the school the performance of the teachers and provide immediate intervention thru provision of TA.

Human Resource Management and Development

  • Leads in the development of LAC plan and oversees & monitors the implementation of activities therein.
  • Conducts Learning and Development Activities in adherence to the LDNA result to address the school’s performance gaps.
  • Distinguishes exemplary performing personnel thru Rewards and Recognition.

Duly acted duties and responsibilities as a cluster head shall gain the highest plus factor in the OPCRF rating.

Source: SDO OF SURIGAO DEL SUR (DM NO. 435, S. 2021)

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