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2019 DepEd Cyber Expo General Information

Attached herewith is a memorandum from Undersecretary Alain Del B. Pascua entitled Invitation of the DepEd Cyber Expo to be held from March 12 to 14, 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center, CCP Complex, Pasay City, contents of which are self explanatory and for the information of the field.

Required participants are the following:

a. Schools Division Superintendent
b. Chief of the Curriculum Implementation Division
c. Information Technology Officer

Invitation of the 2019 DepEd Cyber Expo

The Department of Education (DepEd), through this Office and the Information and Communications Technology Service, shall hold the DepEd Cyber Expo™ on 12-14 March 2019 (exclusive of travel time) at the Philippine International Convention Center, CCP Complex, Pasay City.

With the theme DRIVE 2019: Digital Rise of Philippine Education, this three-day conference and exhibition event will serve as a platform for learners, teachers, stakeholders, and government officials to showcase their IT-enabled products, achievements, experiences, best practices, and innovations. New finds from all over the world will also be presented and discussed.

The DepEd Cyber Expo will provide attendees opportunities to:

  1. Showcase up-to-date tools and methods in using technology to support the K-12 Curriculum and the teaching-learning process;
  2. Emphasize the achievement of learners in creatively expressing and sharing their knowledge in ICT;
  3. Inspire learners to use technology in solving local problems;
  4. Prepare for the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and what this means for our learners’ future careers and their sensitivity to local and community problems; and
  5. Broaden perspectives on the emerging pedagogies and innovative strategies for the development of Philippine education.

All concerned in the Central Office, Regional Offices, Division Offices, and Schools are hereby requested to send attendees to this event based on the identified number and positions in the attached List of Expected Attendees. Identified attendees are expected to log on to deped.in/DepEdCyberExpo2019 and fill out the registration form on or before 15 February 2019.

Board and lodging of selected attendees shall be charged to DCP 2018 Funds, while travel expenses, honoraria, contingency, and incidental expenses of the same shall be charged against DCP 2019 Funds, subject to existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

All other information can be found in the attached Administrative Note and Quick Guide. Advisories, if any, may be issued anytime before the event.

For inquiries or concerns, please contact Mr. Gerard Joseph Atienza of the Organizing Committee thru landline (02) 633-7264, mobile +63 926-671-7913, or via email cyberexpo@deped.gov.ph .

For immediate and appropriate action.

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2019 DepEd Cyber Expo Administrative Note and Quick Delegate’s Guide

DRIVE 2019: Digital Rise of Philippine Education

12-14 March 2019 | Philippine International Convention Center, CCP Complex, Pasay City

Delegates from the Field Offices

Field offices shall identify the following attendees for the entirety of the event: three (3) Regional Delegates, five (5) Regional Awardees, and three (3) Division Delegates. Details are enclosed in Attachment 2: List of Attendees and Schedule of Activities.

Explorer Learners and Teachers from Metro Manila

Senior High School (SHS) learners and teachers from Metro Manila will be selected to attend the first day of the event. These learners and their chaperons will join the first day of the event as Explorers, who will have the chance to interact with experts and top leaders in ICT, technology, and education; immerse in and experience the latest tools and methodologies; and inspire one another to excel in innovating and solving community problems with technology.

A separate advisory-invite will be sent to DepEd National Capital Region with details on the attendance of Explorers. Attendance of all learners (including Awardees and Explorers) are subject to existing policies on off-campus activities (DepEd Order 66, s. 2017, Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of Off-Campus Activities).

Official Business Declaration

Target attendees are listed in Attachment 2: List of Attendees and Schedule of Activities.; their attendance shall be on official business. NO REGISTRATION FEES shall be collected to attend this event; however, this event is STRICTLY BY INVITATION ONLY.


Lead by the Regional Office (RO), each Schools Division Office (SDO) in the National Capital Region (NCR) and supported by the public SHSs, shall identify up to 250 learners with five teachers as chaperons (one teacher or school head per 50 learners). NCR RO thru the SDOs, will facilitate the collection of the names of learners and teachers joining the event by filling in the Explorers’ Database in Google Sheets http://deped.in/CyberExplorers2019. This link shall be accessible to the NCR Regional and Division ITOs only; this must be filled out on or before 11:59 PM, 18 February.

All other attendees (including Awardees and their Teacher/Coach/School Head) must sign up by visiting http://deped.in/DepEdCyberExpo2019 and filling out the pre-registration form on or before 11:59 PM, 15 February. Those who fail to do so shall be considered walk-in attendees, who must sign up on site but may lose guaranteed meals and hotel rooms and therefore may have to shoulder their own meals and accommodations.

Replacement of attendees should be backed by documents and is subject to approval of the organizers; any requests for replacements must be sent to the Organizing Committee by 11:59 PM, 1 March.

Dress Code

All attendees must observe the following dress codes throughout the event.

Day 1 (12 March): Business Formal (mandatory)

  • For men: Dress shirt, suit and tie, or long-sleeved barong; dress slacks or trousers; dress shoes
  • For ladies: Blouse and blazer; dress slacks, trousers, or skirts; dress shoes
  • For learners: School uniforms (preferably gala uniforms, if available)

Days 2 and 3 (13-14 March): Smart Casual (Business Casual optional)

  • For men: All shirts with collars, including dress and polo shirts; casual slacks, trousers, and jeans without holes or frays; dress or casual slip-on or tie shoes
  • For ladies: All shirts with collars, including blouses and polo shirts; casual slacks, trousers, and knee-length skirts; dress or casual slip-on or tie shoes, and dress sandals
  • Regional/Division/School uniforms are highly encouraged


Only Delegates, Awardees (including their Teacher/Coach/School Head), and VIPs shall be offered complimentary hotel accommodations, which shall be charged against 2018 DCP Funds; these are advised to check in at their assigned hotels starting 02:00 PM, 11 March; latest check-out date is at 12:00 PM, 15 March.

The Organizing Committee will not provide hotel accommodation for Explorer, who will attend only on 12 March.

Travel Arrangements

Travel expenses of Delegates from ROs, SDOs, and schools shall be downloaded to their respective ROs or SDOs, charged against DCP 2019 Funds; travel of CO personnel, honoraria, contingency, and incidental expenses for all activities during the event shall be charged against the same; travel expenses of Explorers, however, shall be charged to local funds; all subject to accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

CO-, RO-, SDO-, and school-based Delegates must have travel permits to attend this event; while school heads shall arrange the necessary substitution of work and other teaching duties of teacher-participants to ensure that there will be no interruptions in the daily classroom and school activities.


All hotels shall offer complimentary breakfast to checked-in delegates within their premises; lunch, snacks, and dinner during the event shall be served at the venue. First meal service for delegates shall be dinner on 11 March and last meal service shall be breakfast on 15 March.

Explorers shall be offered morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks, which will be served at the venue, on 12 March.

General Information

All attendees may bring in their laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices; they must bring in their own chargers and their own power strips.

All learners MUST NEVER leave the venue premises during the event; coach and chaperon teachers, may not necessarily be held liable for the actions of learners, must still exercise due diligence and ensure that this rule is strictly enforced.

Attendees are advised to mind their belongings and make necessary precautions to ensure their personal safety, as the Organizing Committee CANNOT and WILL NOT be held liable for any property loss or damage or any personal injury brought about by willful disregard of standard safety procedures.

Detailed guidelines shall be outlined in the Complete Delegate’s Guide to be disseminated through email and social media. All information in this note and the guide are subject to change without prior notice.

Organizers’ Prerogative

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to call out any attendee not complying with the above instructions, as well as escort out from the event any attendee who continually disregards such instructions and may be barred from attending future DepEd ICTS- and/or OUA-organized events.


For any questions or need additional information on the event, please contact:

Mr. Gerard Joseph Atienza, Project Coordinator and Secretariat Head, DepEd Cyber Expo™ Organizing Committees
Landline: +63 2 633 7264
Mobile: +63 926 671 7913
Email: cyberexpo@deped.gov.ph
Office Address: Rooms B-204-205, 2nd Floor, Bonifacio Building, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
Hours: Mondays to Fridays, excluding holidays, 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

2019 DepEd Cyber Expo™ List of Attendees and Schedule of Activities

DepEd Cyber Expo Call for Nominations: 2019 DepEd ICT Achievers’ Awards

Relative to the conduct of the DepEd Cyber Expo, the Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the opening of nominations the 2019 DepEd ICT Achievers’ Awards.

We are inviting all regions, through their divisions and schools, to nominate one (1) project involving a group of learners and coaches as your region’s representatives to the DepEd Cyber Expo, as well as recipients of the 2019 DepEd ICT Achievers’ Awards.

While these awards are noncompetitive by nature and aims to recognize these learners’ achievements, we expect that nominations are significant enough to warrant any form of commendation and that these were awarded to or achieved by the learner/s from at least January 2017 to present.

Below are the qualifications of the learner/s and their project/s to be eligible for nomination:

1) Is currently enrolled in a school under the K-12 or ALS curriculum

2) Has been enrolled in a public school or an ALS community learning center at the time the achievement was done

3) Has participated in either one of the following:

  • International-level competition (Champion, Runner-up, or representative)
  • National-level competition (Champion only)
  • Regional-level competition (Champion only)

4) Participated in an ICT competition with any of the following skills:

  • Programming or coding
  • Robotics
  • Digital arts and design
  • Mobile application development
  • Mobile game development
  • Digital filmmaking (including cinematography, animation, and graphic effects)
  • Makerspace innovation
  • Internet of things

5) The project must present a solution to a community problem, issue, or concern

Schools and CLCs are requested to send in their nominations to their respective divisions, who identifies the most qualified nomination to be sent to the Regional Office.

Regions are hereby requested to:

1) Receive nominations from their respective division offices.

2) Exercise best judgment in identifying the most eligible project to nominate (regions are only allowed to nominate one project, regardless of number of proponents involved).

3) Accomplish a Letter of Nomination and Nomination Form (templates attached).

4) As supporting documents, attach the following:

  • Photos of individual learners and coaches, of the team, and of the event where the project and its proponent/s joined;
  • Scanned/photographed images of the proof of achievement (certificate, medal, trophy, and/or plaque); and
  • Copies of Certificates of Good Moral Character of learner nominees.

5) Email all documents to cyberexpo@deped.gov.ph with the subject “2019 DepEd ICT Achiever’s Awards – Nomination (region name).”

Please take note of the following timelines:

  • Schools and CLCs must nominate eligible projects to their SDOs (through their Division IT Officers) by 11 February 2019.
  • Division ITOs must identify the most eligible project in their division for nomination to their Regional Office by 15 February 2019.
  • Regional ITOs must submit their official nominations to cyberexpo@deped.gov.ph by 2359H (11:59 PM) 21 February 2019.

For inquiries, please contact Mr. Mark Anthony Sy or Mr. Gerard Joseph Atienza thru email at cyberexpo@deped.gov.ph, or call landline +63 2 6319636.

For your guidance. Thank you.

Letter of Nomination (Sample)

Download from http://deped.in/CyberExpoAwards2019

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