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DepEd Homeroom Class Organization Election Guidelines (Manual)

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues the Interim Guidelines on the Conduct of SPG/SSG Elections for School Year 2021-2022 Under the New Normal that will be implemented nationwide by public elementary and secondary schools for the said school year.

Attached herewith is Enclosure No. 1 of the Interim Guidelines on Student Government Elections for School Year 2021-2022 Under the New Normal – Homeroom Class Organization Elections (Manual).


I. Announcement of Elections

a. Coordination of SPG/SSG COMELEC with Class Advisers

The SPG/SSG COMELEC shall announce the conduct of Homeroom Class Organization Elections and schedule of activities amongst Class Advisers.

b. Announcement of Homeroom Class Organization Elections amongst Learners

The Class Adviser shall announce the conduct of the elections and schedule of activities through distribution of election notice to all learners of each class.

c. Distribution of Election Application Packets (EAP)

Together with the election notice, the Class Adviser shall also include and distribute the EAP to the learners which they will complete and accomplish (learners who signify interest to run).

EAP is comprised of the following:

  • Certificate of Candidacy (Enclosure No. 6.1)
  • Intent to Run

II. Filing and Evaluation of EAP

a. Submission of EAP

The candidate (represented by the parent or guardian) shall submit the accomplished and completed EAP to the Class Adviser.

b. Endorsement of Submitted EAPs

Upon submission of EAP, the Class Adviser shall endorse it to the COMELEC.

c. Evaluation of EAPs

The COMELEC shall evaluate the accomplished EAP of each candidate and shall decide on the approval or disapproval of his or her application.

III. Consolidation and Printing of Election Paraphernalia Per Section

The Election Paraphernalia is comprised of the following:

  • Official List of Candidates
  • Introductory Profile (from Intent to Run)
  • Official Ballot
  • Envelope

The COMELEC shall collect and collate candidates’ information and answers from Intent to Run. Accordingly, they shall finalize and come up with the election’s Official List of Candidates. They shall also reproduce the consolidated components of the Election Paraphernalia based on the number of voters. This will be a tool and basis of voter’s selection decision. Finally, the elections’ official ballot will be included in the Election Paraphernalia for distribution.

IV. Announcement of the Final List of Official Candidates and Distribution of Election Paraphernalia

The COMELEC shall announce and distribute the Official List of Candidates in each section to respective Class Adviser together with all the components of the Election Paraphernalia. The Class Adviser will then distribute the list and paraphernalia to all the learners of the section.

V. Election Proper

a. Start of Elections

The acceptance of the Official List of Candidates and Election Paraphernalia marks the start of the elections. The student – voters shall carefully follow the instructions in the official ballot and cast their votes.

b. Retrieval of Official Ballot

The student – voters (represented by the parent or guardian) shall submit the accomplished official ballot to the Class Adviser following the schedule of submission set by the COMELEC. It must be sealed in the envelope provided in the Election Paraphernalia.

c. Canvassing of Votes

The COMELEC shall collect all the Election Paraphernalia from all the Class Advisers, ensuring that no envelope has been opened, replaced, and tampered.

d. Consolidation of Canvassed Votes

The COMELEC shall consolidate all canvassed votes from all classes involved in the conduct of the elections.

VI. Proclamation of Winners

a. Validation of Official Results

The COMELEC shall validate the official results and come up with official list of school’s newly – elected Homeroom Class Organization officers of the school year, signed and proclaimed by the COMELEC Adviser and approved by the School Head.

b. Announcement of Newly Elected Officers

The results of the elections shall be disseminated and forwarded to the learners of each section by the Class Adviser through print distribution.

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