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DepEd Statement Clarifying Deped Order No. 2, Series 2019

PASIG CITY, March 2, 2019 – The Department of Education (DepEd) wishes to clarify that its original issuance of DepEd Order No. 2, series 2019 (School Year 2018-2019 K to 12 Basic Education Program End of School Year Rites) dated February 18, stating that Grade 6 completers of the current school year shall have a graduation ceremony, is the correct and agreed upon Order of the agency.

This original Order by the Secretary has in fact already been circulated before an unauthorized change—from “graduation” to “moving-up” ceremony for Grade 6 learners—was done by personnel who, in good faith, believed they were only making a correction.

However, the matter of shifting the end-of-year ceremony for Grade 6 learners from graduation to moving up is still under discussion by the Department, and no decision to shift has yet been made. Should a decision to change be made, it will not be implemented this school year to allow sufficient time for information and preparation by field units.

Thus, the change was not only unauthorized; it was also without basis.

The Department today issued DepEd Memorandum No. 25, series 2019 (Graduation Ceremony for Grade 6 Completers in School Year 2018-2019) to reinstate the original Order.

DepEd assures its stakeholders that it is taking measures to ensure that incidents similar to this will not happen again.

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