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DepEd Order on No Collection Policy in All Public Schools

DepEd Order No. 19, s. 2008


To :

Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Service/Center Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Heads of Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
All Others Concerned

Pursuant to the Constitutional mandate for the provision of free public education at the elementary and secondary levels and to meet the country’s targets in the Education For All (EFA) Plan 2015 and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with respect to primary school participation there is an urgent need to remove obstacles to the enrollment of school-age children. These obstacles include the out-of-pocket costs which families have to bear in the course of sending their children to school.

Accordingly, the following policies on collection of fees in public schools shall be strictly observed:

No fees shall be collected from schoolchildren enrolling in pre-school up to Grade IV, during the enrollment period and at any time during the school year. This prohibition shall cover, among others, the authorized but voluntary contributions such as BSP, GSP, Red Cross, Anti-TB Fund and PTCA.

For grade and year levels beyond Grade 4, no collection of any type should be undertaken during the enrolment period and the first month of classes. Starting on the second month, contributions for the following may be collected, but only on a voluntary basis:

  1. Boy/Girl Scouts membership
  2. Red Cross Membership
  3. Anti-TB Fund Drive
  4. PTCA
  5. School Publication
  6. Membership in student organizations

PTCAs may start their collection only after presenting to their members and to the school administration a report on the utilization of the previous school year’s collections. The amount of contributions to the PTCA shall be agreed upon in a general assembly of the PTCA.

The school publication fee shall be set at the school level but shall not be more than P60.00 per elementary school pupil and P90.00 per secondary school student. The publication of a school newspaper, while not mandatory, is strongly encouraged, particularly at the secondary level in line with the campus journalism program.

The membership fees for student organizations shall be set by the organization subject to existing school policies on student organizations.

Pupils/students who are promoted to the next grade or year level are considered automatically enrolled for the coming school year in the same school. Only pupils entering first grade, students entering first year high school, and transferees from another public school or a private school need to enroll during the enrolment period. Returning pupils/students shall report to school only for sectioning purposes or any other pre-opening preparations as determined by the school administrators.

Schools Division Superintendents are directed to release MOOE funds to schools without fiscal autonomy in the form of cash advance to ensure that operating funds are available at the start of the school year.

Regional and division offices are advised to undertake monitoring activities during the enrollment period and the first month of classes to ensure that the provisions of this Order are strictly complied with. Any violation should be subject to administrative action.

For immediate dissemination and strict compliance.


DepEd Order on No Collection Policy in All Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

Mark Anthony Llego

Mark Anthony Llego, hailing from the Philippines, has made a profound impact on the teaching profession by enabling thousands of teachers nationwide to access crucial information and engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas. His contributions have significantly enhanced their instructional and supervisory capabilities, elevating the quality of education in the Philippines. Beyond his domestic influence, Mark's insightful articles on teaching have garnered international recognition, being featured on highly respected educational websites in the United States. As an agent of change, he continues to empower teachers, both locally and internationally, to excel in their roles and make a lasting difference in the lives of their students, serving as a shining example of the transformative power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the teaching community.

8 thoughts on “DepEd Order on No Collection Policy in All Public Schools”

  1. Good day po Admin. Tatanong ko lang po sana kasi dito samin sa Baguio city may Elementary school na naniningil samin ng 325 per head daw para daw po sa Project na sinabi ng principal na TV per classroom and per grade. May kambal akong anak and Im an Indigent pero required daw talaga nilang ipabayad un samin aside from that may sinisingil silang 380 pesos para daw po sa sahod ng Guard and another 300 pesos para sa PTA . Bale para sakin po public school po ito bakit po sobrang dami at laki ng mga sinisingil nila samin .. napag usapan na daw po un at maraming nag disagree na parents about sa TV pero sabi daw po ng principal na mag tiis daw po munaat un ay kailangan sa face to face at kami ang na tyambahan na kelangan mag produce ng mga gamit ng classroom kasi daw po ang project lang ng Deped is Building lang daw po.. ako po na doble doble ang pina paaral ko lahat ng pinapabayad nila eh doble doble daw po at required talaga na magbayad kami tanong ko lang po kung paano po ito ngayon? Hindi na po ba kakain ako po ay isang house wife lang at asawa ko ay construction worker kulang na kulang ang pang araw araw namin tapos parang private school pa ngayon ang ginagawa ng school na ito.

  2. Good day Admin,
    Me 3 akong anak sa Central school csjdm bulacan , me pa zumba nag ask sila ng 20pesos para sa ticket pangalawa na po zumba ito wala naman project na nangyari ,ngayun me 50 naman para sa beautification kuno , pero gagawin mag papa contest nanaman ng pagandahan ng room ,para gumanda school ng di na gamit yun nakuha nila sa amin parents ,
    tanong ko lang puwede kaya na si madam principal paalisin sa school kasi pang ilang school na niya na me ganyan issue din diya at si mr. gpta di naman maganda track record lalo na sa usapin pera kawawa kame sa kanila .
    puwede din kaya maibalik sa amin yun pera ng sa ganun mag ka alaman san bulsa na punta yun pera. nag complain na ako wala dedma po.

  3. Hi
    I have a concern regarding no collection policy I’am a concern citizen of Sto Tomas Peñaranda Elementary School here in Nueva Ecija some teacher’s collect 600pesos each student for the project of buying of Tiles for their class room.and collect 300 pesos for the honor students is this allowed the teachers and school to collect money to the students? Kindly investigate this school. Thank you… some of the parents complaint but no one who direct mail or call to the DepEd..

  4. Hi! I am mother of a student in Caloocan High School. If I understand it correctly PTA’s should only be allowed to collect any monetary contributions starting from the 2nd month of school year. But in this school, well atleast on my daughters section there was already collections that is happening during brigada eskwela. Which is acceptable for me, because it was all agreed upon to. But the issue lies on the discrimination that is happening due to the said collection. There is a case where my daughter was not allowed to put her name on the attendance because she failed to give her contribution even though she was present and was doing chores to contribute to the beautification of the school. This is really concerning. I would just like to ask if this kind of behavior and situation is justifiable and is in accordance with this policy

    • Hi Ruby!

      The Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes the concerns and complaints of its clients for the improvement of its services. These can be submitted through the official email address (action@deped.gov.ph), hotline 8888, and through referrals from other government agencies such as CSC, PCC, and ARTA.

      Please include the following:

      -school’s exact name and location
      -name and position of the person/s involved
      -any documents or evidence,
      -specific DepEd programs, projects, and/or activities (PPAs) needing further clarifications (case-to-case)

      • Sir Mark have a blessed day po..Isa po ako sa inyong masugid na tagapagsubaybay dito sa Division of CAPIZ..Ask ko lng po sana sir Mark kung ang class adviser ba ang magbabayad ng payment deliquencies ng mga parents na hindi na nakapagbayad ng Graduation Fees like Yearbook for Learners=Php150, Pictorial=Php180, Toga with Sablay=Php150.00 and rental of chairs Php10.00, Total Php=490 ..Sinisingil kasi ako ng fellow teacher ko na-incharge sa graduation namin with mandated ng tarantado naming School Head..Sagot ko po hindi ko na po yan kasalanan na hindi nakapagbayad yung parents ko tapos yung class adviser ang magbabayad saan ba kayo kumuha ng policy po ninyo?. Saka sagot ko po sa kanya sir diba School MOOE dpat ang sumagot nyan sa mga babayarin ng GRaduation Fees kasi sa mga magulang na hindi nakapgpabayad kasi this will be considered as voluntary contribution..Tama po ba ako sir Mark?.Sir Mark seeking po for your advice. Thank you in advance and Godbless po!

  5. Maayung adlaw ninyong tanan,

    Usa ako ka parent diri sa Lapu Lapu City, naay mga anak nga nag eskwela sa Marigondon National High School sa modular nga paagi, aduna lang koy mga na obserbahan nga pag pang-kwarta aning eskwelahana, mo hangyu lang unta ako sa inyong pag hunahuna niini, palihug ug subay sa ilang mga gipangayu sa mga estudyante ug sa mga ginikana. Nganung pabayarun mi nila diri ug kwarta sa eskwelahan, kung among pangutan-on ingnon raman mi nga “ana jud nah naay bayranan ang skwelahan”, nganung pa bayarun man mi ug ATHLETICS FEE? naa diay athletes? ug bisan pa naa, ang mga parents diay mo bayad para ana nila?, nganung pa bayarun man mi ug PUBLICATION FEE? unsa diay ilang gi publish nga wala man? ug bisan pa naay gi publish, ang mga parents diay mo bayad sa gi publish sa eskwelahan? nganung pa bayarun man mi ug UTILITY SERVICES ug MGA OFFICES SERVICES? PABAYARON NA DIAY ANG MGA ESTUDYANTE SA SKWELAHAN? NAA MAN KAHA NAY SWELDO ANG MGA EMPLEYADO DIHA SA ILANG SERBISYO NGA GI HIMO? hilabi na nang gi pang hire kuno nila pra sa eskwelahan nga ila raman nang gihimong personal sulogoon, mga parents diay mo bayad para ana nila? mo ingon nga SCHOOL UTILITY? nya ang gipang pa amot kay MO INGON NGA VULONTARY, nganung listahan man sa bayroon? nganung inig human sa school year, lisod lisoron man ang pag kuha sa card ug papers kung di kabayad?

    Naa pud silay paagi nga kung maka hatag ug kwarta ang estudyante, ang bayad mao na iyang PERFORMANCE, kanus-a man nahimong performance ang kwarta sa pagtulun-an ug akademic sa estudyante? sa atu pa ani ang adunahan rah diay ang maka kuha ug maayung GRADE sa card kay naay ikabayad kaming kabus dili mi maka afford ani?

    Ang Marigondon National High School sigi jud ug pangayu namo ug KWARTA para ipa himo kuno ug mga itukod nila nga mga kalambuon kuno, kung di kwarta, konsinsya, asa naman diay ang budget sa skwelahan?
    Palihug ug huna huna niini kay murag wala mani nila masabti ang kahimtang sa kadaghanan karun sa pandemic naa pay Marigondon National High School nga sigi ug pangayu ug voluntary KUNO pero PINUGSANAY nga bayad ug kawarta.
    Niining nag hinabot nga komplesyon sa mga bata, nag sigi napud ug paningil ug KWARTA para daw sa stage decorations ug mga materialis para gamiton, naay pay bayronon para sa pictures, kapila man diay picturan ang bata? di diay puidi gamiton ang pictures katung nag pa ID sila? nganung kinahanglan man jud pa picture ug usab? arun maka KWARTA sila ug ang ilang gi kontrata nga potograper?

    Grabing singil ug KWARTA aning eskwelahana karun.
    Gitago naku akung pangalan kay ang ilang administrator diha kusog kaayu mo gokud ug mga mo reklamo nila, para rani sa among mga anak.

  6. Good day admin,

    This is to inform from your good Office that our school, please allow me not to mention my school, is implementing collection fees from K- 12 parent learners amounting P150 per learner to finish the administrative (school principal) proposed project of covered walk. For me, the amount is too far to find ways and means amid this pandemic for the parent/s to augment of the said project though this was agreed by the body through BOD meeting. The total number of parents were estimated to 1,500 more or less. As far as I know that solicitation is strictly prohibited through asking collection fees, and other monetary aspects now a days as every individual were suffering from pandemic. In lieu with this issue, teachers were mandated by our school principal also to furnish a solicitation- quota of P2,500/teacher with an ultimatum memorandum to cope up the amount solicited to pay for the carpenters of the latter accordingly under Brigada Eskwela program which was already evaluated. Is it compulsory for a school administrator to implement project even without enough money to prosper the project? Are we teacher, obliged to cope up the quota- solicitation to finish the project? I am just one of the ordinary teachers who wanted to voice out our heartaches and parents- learners concern and authority. May I ask a sort of advices regarding our prerogative rights as public teacher. I may not applying for any job title but to teach. Thank you for addressing this concern and please allow me to ask a favor to not to put my identity in public for secrecy purpose. God bless us and keep safe!..


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