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DepEd Synchronized Instructions, Procedures and Guidelines (SIPAG)

Attached is a copy of OUA memorandum 01-0110-0072 dated January 23, 2019 re: DepEd SIPAG 2019 – Synchronized Instructions, Procedures and Guidelines, Regional Clustered Conferences on Administration, Procurement, Finance and Operations on Feburary 4-8, 2019 at Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center (SBECC), inside the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Zambales, the contents of which are self-explanatory, for information and guidance.

DepEd Synchronized Instructions, Procedures and Guidelines (SIPAG) for 2019 Regional Clustered Conference on Administration, Procurement, Finance and Operations launches in Subic

The Office of the Undersecretary for Finance – Budget and Performance Monitoring conducted the first Regional Clustered Conference on Finance as part of the DepEd Synchronized Instructions, Procedures and Guidelines (SIPAG) for 2019 at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center from February 6 to 8, 2019. The conference, which focused on the finance strand of the Department, was attended by regional Chief Administrative Officers, regional and division Budget Officers, regional and division Accountants, and selected Finance Officers from Implementing Units (IUs), representing Regions IV-A, IV-B, XI and the National Capital Region (NCR).


On the first day, Undersecretary for Finance – Budget and Performance Monitoring Annalyn M. Sevilla welcomed the participants and provided an overview of budget and finance matters for Fiscal Year 2019. She provided detailed presentations on the policies on reenacted budget for the first quarter of FY 2019, the continuing appropriations for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Capital Outlay (CO), and the latest overall budget utilization report for FY 2019.

Presenting the latest data obtained from flash reports as of December 31, 2018, Usec. Sevilla reported that out of Php 494.49B total adjusted allotment, the tentative total obligation rate of the whole Department for FY 2018 was 93.37%, while the total disbursement rate was 93.13%. Although the tentative data shows that the obligation rate decreased by 3.78% from the 97.15% obligation rate in FY 2017, she said, “In DepEd, even though cash-based has not yet been effected, most obligations were disbursed/paid.”

Usec. Sevilla concluded, “We have to arm ourselves by knowing the rules and guidelines, otherwise our efforts will go in different directions. In 2019, let us aim for 97% utilization even though our budget is increasing ¬– not because we want to impress Congress, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) or the Commission on Audit (COA), but because we want to serve our learners and schools.”

Assistant Secretary for Finance – Budget and Performance Monitoring Ramon Fiel G. Abcede presented the overall budget utilization status of the regions and corresponding division offices of their respective budget utilization reports. He introduced as well two (2) proposed and newly issued policies and guidelines. Joint Circular No. 2019-1, entitled “Management of Cash Advances to DepEd Non-Implementing Units for School Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses and Program Funds”, directs school heads of non-IUs to open and maintain bank accounts under the name of the school for depositing cash advances for the School’s MOOE. He also presented the proposed Revised Guidelines on School Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses, which aims to strengthen reporting, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms for school MOOE, ease the process of downloading of funds to non-IUs, and include additional provisions on the use of school MOOE.

The second day was dedicated to the workshop proper, the presentation of workshop outputs, and relevant updates from the Executive Committee (ExeCom) Members.

To commence the workshop activities, the participants were divided into four (4) groups to discuss Bottlenecks, Challenges and Constraints (BCCs) of assigned major Programs, Activities and Projects (PAPs) and recommend corresponding solutions to the program teams and the ExeCom. Group 1 addressed BCCs and recommendations on the Creation of New Positions and Human Resource Development. Group 2 presented on Textbooks & Instructional Materials, School-Based Feeding Program, and School MOOE. Group 3 focused on the Basic Education Facilities Fund and DepEd Computerization Program. Lastly, Group 4 highlighted issues related to Learning Tools & Equipment, Government Assistance and Subsidies, and the Alternative Learning System.

The groups were facilitated by the Education Programs Delivery Unit (EPDU) and Budget Division, ensuring that all concerns related to the major PAP assignments would be captured and that recommendations would be thoroughly deliberated by the participants. The program teams and members of the ExeCom such as Usec. Sevilla, Asec. Abcede, Undersecretary for Administration Alain Del B. Pascua, Assistant Secretary for Procurement and Administration Salvador Malana, and Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs Rhoan Orebia joined the conference and provided detailed explanations and responses to each BCC.

The ExeCom proceeded to share updates on their respective areas. Asec. Malana shared updates on procurement matters, providing the participants with an understanding of the roadmap for procurement, the difficulties and challenges surrounding procurement activities from the school level to the Central Office, and the Department’s initiatives for the enhancement of procurement performance. Ms. Jordine Ocon from the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration, on the other hand, introduced the use of Facebook Workplace, an online-based platform to ease communication within Deped offices. Asec. Orebia shared pertinent updates from Legal Affairs. Lastly, Mr. Edwin Calubag from the Office of the Undersecretary for Planning and Field Operations gave an in-depth overview of the Multiyear Planning Process.

Asec. Abcede concluded the first Regional Clustered Conference with a synthesis of the objectives, outputs, insights and ways forward gleaned from the event. He, along with the rest of the ExeCom, assured that the issues presented and discourse generated from the activities will be taken up to the concerned offices as input for resolution or policy change.


The Offices of the Undersecretary for Finance – Budget and Performance Monitoring, Undersecretary of Administration, Assistant Secretary for Project Management and Field Operations, and Assistant Secretary for Procurement and Administration will jointly conduct the Synchronized Instructions, Procedures and Guidelines (SIPAG) 2019, Regional Clustered Conferences in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The activity aims to bring together Officials and Central Office Personnel with their counterparts from the Regional and Division Levels to deliver updates, discuss concerns, and rollout programs and productivity tools.

The clustered activities will be held at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center (SBECC), inside the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Zambales, on the following dates, inclusive of travel time:

Cluster 1a – AdminIV-A, IV-B, NCR, XIFebruary 4-7
Cluster 1b – FinanceIV-A, IV-B, NCR, XIFebruary 6-8
Cluster 2a – AdminV, X, XII, CARAGAFebruary 11-14
Cluster 2b – FinanceV, X, XII, CARAGAFebruary 13-15
Cluster 3a – AdminI, II, III, CARFebruary 18-21
Cluster 3b – FinanceI, II, III, CARFebruary 20-22
Cluster 4a – AdminVI, VII, VIII, IXFebruary 24-27
Cluster 4b – FinanceVI, VII, VIII, IXFebruary 26-28

Attached for reference is a list of participants for every cluster and portion (Annex A) and the program (Annex B). Meals and accomodation are inclusive of the activity, while travel expenses are chargeable to local funds.


Please take note of the following reminders:

  1. First meal shall be dinner on day 0 for Admin and Day 2 for Finance, and last meal is breakfast on day 3 for Admin and Lunch on Day 2 for Finance. Checkout shall be on the morning of Day 3, and participants staying in excess will do so at their own expense;
  2. Participants (Per Region) of the Admin portion are advised to prepare for a short cultural presentation during the Solidarity Night on day 1;
  3. Participants are advised to register via the link for fast processing: https://depedsipag.eventbrite.com ; please read the instructions carefully and accomplish the entry form; Please be reminded that a confirmation link for the travel dates is enclosed within the instructions, for participants to accomplish;
  4. After completing the pre-registration, a “ticket” containing their information and a QR Code will be provided which the participant must present upon arrival (Digital Copies preferred);
  5. Participants who fail to register will be considered “walk-ins” and will have to manually register at the venue. Walk-ins have no guaranteed standard accomodation; and
  6. Regional Contingents are advised to plan their travel arrangements as a whole and a staff from this Office will coordinate regarding logistics.

Questions and clarifications may be sent via usec.admin@deped.gov.ph with the subject “SIPAG 2019 Questions” or thru telephone (02) 633-7203 and look for Ric de Leon or Bhim Austria for Admin, and Lanie Coronel for Finance at lanietcoronel@gmail.com or (02) 033-9342.

This supersedes the earlier Memorandum dated 18 January 2019 issued by this office.

For reference and appropriate action.

Undersecretary for Finance
Budget and Performance Monitoring

Undersecretary for Administration


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