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DepEd TV Edflix: Streaming Service of Educational Content

Attached is an Aide Memoire from DepEd Undersecretary Alain Del B. Pascua on the DepEd TV Edflix: Streaming Service of Educational Content.

Audio-visual materials are considered as an important component to ensure and help learners understand a specific lesson. Through this medium, learners can easily imagine, distinguish, comprehend, and evaluate concepts and information.

Educational shows in the Philippines started in the 1980s with the TV show Batibot which inculcated Filipino values to its viewers. In addition, the linking of numeracy, arithmetic, reading, and writing skills were introduced with the use of puppets and catchy music and songs. With its success, numerous educational shows emerged in the ’90s. These shows showcased much information which includes the heroism of Filipinos, love for science, inventions, quiz bee, Philippine literature, arts & crafts, and many more. The produced TV episodes are timeless, which up to the present are being used as supplemental resources in many institutions.

Through the evolution of technology, the availability of instructional video resources has shifted via the web. The most common platform is YouTube with millions of engagements per day from its users worldwide.

Anyone can be a content creator and upload video materials that can be helpful to the public. However, the susceptibility to the accuracy of information is subject to the bias of the developer of the video material. Content can be misleading information if not identified properly.

Another promising technology that is popular to many worldwide is having a premium-based streaming site that showcases a menu of numerous choices of video content.

Netflix is trending due to its flexibility and easy identification of information about video/episode materials. These materials are arranged according to likes, ratings, and popularity amongst their viewers. The combination of accessibility and engagement makes users hooked due to its artificial intelligence that can also identify the types of movies frequently being watched by a user, and subsequently making recommendations for similar content.

Entertainment is part of daily living for many Filipinos. The goal of the Department of Education is to fuse this concept with educational content. Thus the concept of EDFLIX was created as the best option to provide a 24/7 streaming service that is composed only of educational content across different learning areas, documentaries, news, and public affairs, historical movies, DepEd produced content, DepEd TV episodes, and many more.

EDFLIX is a great avenue to ensure that learners are viewing only child-friendly and educational instructional video resources, in support of their development, their well-being, and in inculcating Filipino values. In addition, it will also cater to the public to make available educational content as part of their leisure activities.

DepEd’s EDFLIX is a great opportunity to bind all educational resources available created by both the public and private sectors. The merging of these resources into one streaming site will help not only the Basic Education sector but also Higher Education, Technical and Vocational Education, Alternative Learning System, and Inclusion Programs.

These resources will follow the premise of accessibility available through any type of device provided that it is connected to the internet.

The Digital Rise of the Philippine Education System is promising and DepEd is ready to propel and channel this into a reality.

EDFLIX will be the new avenue of developing critical thinkers and rational individuals who know how to access truthful and validated information. This will teach the youth of today what responsible and inspiring content should be made of and how it can contribute to nation-building.

Mark Anthony Llego

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