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A Letter to My Baby Boy

Desmond Grey Llego – March 16, 2019

Hi there my little one!

Welcome to the world!

I still can’t believe that right at this moment; I am staring right at the eye of a little version me. I am still overwhelmed by the thought that my life has already changed forever because a bit of seedling like you has given color and life to this peaceful garden of my life.

For good long months, you were covered with darkness, quiet darkness of your mom’s womb. She protected you and did all her best to bring you to this world. And now that you were born, now that you are in this world full of hopes and beautiful thing— as well as darkness and harsh realities, let me join your mom to be one of your protectors. Let me be your number one guide as you face each journey in the different stages of your life.

I just can’t put into words how much you have given me hope. You are the reason why I desire to be a better person and why I want to keep going in my life. Your life is significant and I pray that you grow up well so that you can enjoy discovering the most beautiful things about it.

Right after the hour when you were born, just as I was watching over you and your mom sleeping, I was thinking of the life that I will be able to give to you. That moment of wonder gave me time to reflect on the world around us. I thought about today’s world and how life would treat you as you grow old. I knew then that it wasn’t going to be easy, but everything will always be possible as long as you are my reason why I keep going and working on.

Before you were born, I almost felt every emotion a human would feel. I got excited when I knew that there was a tiny heart beating. Then I got overwhelmed not believing that I am about to face a new role in life— being a father. But after some months, your mom didn’t feel well and I got so worried. Fear overcame me as I was thinking so much about your condition inside your mom’s womb. Then a relief patted my back as your mom began to feel well. You were so healthy, and you were so cute when I first saw your face on the ultrasound machine. I fell in love a hundred times when I saw your first images and when I came to know that you were a boy. I was ecstatic. Then, came the time you arrived in this world. All the emotions covered me, and it was just beautiful.

I want you to know that you are lucky because you too have a big sister who is charming and adorable. I am sure she will teach you the value of generosity.

I will make sure that you and your older sister, whom I have embraced as my little princess will be safe and sound in my arms as long as you are under my care.

Just like the other parents, I want you to have a better life than mine. I don’t want you to experience the pain I suffered, yet, I want to teach you the lessons I learned when I went on to those pains.

I want to show you everything. I want to take you to all the most exciting places and discover how beautiful this world is. I want to travel with you and show you how beautiful various people’s ways of lives are. I want you to grow up seeing not just all kinds of places but also knowing your direction and telling me where to go by yourself. I want you to grow up meeting different people and knowing how to get along well with them. I want you to know that you can’t please them all, but with kindness, you will gain the whole world.

I want to read books with you, solve mathematics problems with you, sing and dance with you, and learn so many things with you while realizing that it is not the knowledge that we have that truly counts but our ability to use our expertise for the more significant benefit of all. That it is when we share what we know that our worth is calculated.

Yes, I want you to share what you have but most importantly, I want you to know how to limit what you share. You also have to teach people how to gain things by themselves. You have to make people around you realize that they can stand on their own and that they can do anything they aspire for. I want you to open their awareness and be an advocate of life-long learning. I believe you can do it, son! Because you are gifted and I am your number one fan. I promise not to give you pressures in life. Always know that failing grades and losing competitions won’t matter to me because you are still a winner for me.

I know that you do your best and I understand your limit and always appreciate your capacity.

Oh, son! You’re so precious! And I promise to fulfill this responsibility to make the world around you a great place. I hope that you may be filled with love, hope, and joy. I can’t wait to witness how you will become and how great you will affect the world around you. Dad is always here to help you with your battles. Don’t forget that you are not alone.


Daddy Mark

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Mark Anthony Llego

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