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DepEd Dropping from the Rolls Due to Absence Without Approved Leave

Dropping from the Rolls Due to Absence Without Approved Leave

  1. Employee goes on leave WITHOUT any approved leave, or leave application is DISAPPROVED
  2. Employee refuses to or does not report for work
  3. Absence is at least 30 working days or more; OR If absence is less than 30 working days, and RETURN-TO-WORK Order is sent to employee to report for work on date specified in the order;
  4. OR If there is a pattern/scheme where employee incurs substantial absences though less than 30 working days 3 times a semester
  5. NOTICE of dropping from the rolls is sent to employee at LAST known address , or address appearing in employee’s 201 personal file.


CSC MC 13 S. 2007, July 25, 2007

When it is clear under obtaining circumstances that the official / employee has established a PATTERN /SCHEME to circumvent the rule by incurring substantial absences although LESS than 30 working days 3 X a semester, such pattern is already apparent, dropping from the rolls WITHOUT NOTICE may likewise be justified.

Requirement of WRITTEN RETURN-TO-WORK ORDER sent to official / employee at last known address on record, where the unauthorized absences is LESS than 30 working days, before dropping employee / official from the rolls.

Leave of Absence Without Pay

LIMIT – one (1) year WITHOUT pay

Clearance from Head of Department for leave of absence in excess of one (1) month

(Sec. 57, CSC MC 41 s. 1998 as amended)

In the case of teachers, Sec. 25 of RA 4670 provides that an indefinite sick leave of absence shall be granted when the nature of ILLNESS demands a long treatment exceeding one (1) year

Joint CSC-DBM-GSIS Circular 1-89 teachers are allowed 3 years sick leave of absence without pay

AUTOMATIC separation from the service for failure to report for work after expiration of one (1) year leave of absence without pay (Sec. 62, CSC MC 41 s. 1998 as amended)

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  1. Hi Ma’am gusto ko rin po yan malaman kung my makukuha pa ba tyo sa GSIS . AWOL din ako dah il mas pinili ko mag work abroad.

  2. good pm sir? Ask ko lang if a teacher is dropped from the rolls due to AWOL for 30 days, can he still apply for GSIS benefits ( 20 years in govt service)


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