Are you an Effective Teacher?

Teachers are the most important factor in the pupil’s environment. The absence of teachers makes other elements in education futile. It is the teacher who stimulates, guides, leads and directs the pupil to learn.

The teacher has a definite role to play in school. He/she is still the central figure in human resource management. A good teacher contributes greatly to the formation of a truly democratic society, and emotionally stable and physically fit individuals.

The following are different ways to be an effective teacher:

  1. Know the materials for teaching.
  2. Organize and articulate materials in a manner understandable to the pupils.
  3. Manage the pupils to maintain their attention in learning.

The quality of pupils in the school depends upon the quality of teachers because they are the primary factor in guiding the teaching-learning processes.

Let us now ask ourselves if we are effective teachers.

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