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Tips on Passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

Are you one of the test takers for the next Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)?

Ten Tips on Passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

You must be worrying about what lies ahead now. You must be finding yourself feeling stressed and pressured these days. Well, this I say to you: You should keep calm and do the following:


It’s important to give focus on the subjects that you had difficulties with during your college days. Remember, the exam comprises of different areas, and it’s not okay to set aside the subjects you are weak at.


You should, of course, set your goal. If you want to hit your target, you should finish doing everything at a given time. Put in your mind that you have minimal time to review the subjects you studied for four years. So, list down each subject that you have to evaluate and identify how long it will take you to study them.


The Professional Regulation Commission releases the coverage of the test months before the date of examination. Make sure you have the copy of it so you would know what subject areas you are going to study and how long you are going to spend reviewing them.


Research shows that reading for at least an hour or two can activate brain cells. It also shows that doing so regularly could enhance retention. So if you want to remember them all that you studied about on the day of the examination, make sure that you get yourself used to reading for an hour or more.


Yes, there are some questions (especially in the subjects, History, and Math) that require you to memorize. But lemme tell you that almost 75% percent of the items are situational so instead of remembering, try understanding deeply the lectures you are reading. Retention is higher when you digest and relate what you learn to other concepts or ideas.


Don’t stress yourself for the overnight reviews and all. If you fail to take a rest because of studying too much, you’ll make things worse. It is proven that a sound mind and a relaxed body can help people think and recall better.


The exam is divided into three areas. General Education, Professional Education, and your Major. 40% of your general average is from your major — another 40% from Professional Education and the remaining 20% from General Education.

Yes, Gen. Ed. Is only 20% of your average that’s why test takers often focus on Prof. Ed and Major a lot not knowing that General Education is the hardest part of the test. Most questions in this area are about the topics you have studied during elementary days and are very hard to recall. Do not be assured that you’ll be able to answer the questions easily thinking that this area’s just about the basics. Lots of test takers pass the Major and Prof. Ed but fail in General Education that they fail the exam as well.


This is what I strongly recommend guys! I bought a reviewer for General and Professional Education in front of the PRC office before I took the test. The questionnaire and the answer key were provided. I read it but I found out that the answer key was wrong so I answered each question through the help of the internet. It was really helpful since the questions in the reviewer were the exact questions given when I took the board exam.

Take note: I got 92% average in General Education.


It’s always better to prepare early, so I suggest that you prepare the pencils, erasers, calculators, STAMPED/METERED ENVELOPE, PRC RECEIPT, Notice of Admission (NOA), ruler and HANKY (use it when wiping the eraser dust on your paper) 2 or 3 weeks before the exam. You can’t afford to feel stressed or worried about the unavailability of these things days before the exam.

10. PRAY.

Of course, it’s always him who will decide your fate so keep on being “MAKULIT” and keep asking him to guide you not just on the date of the exam but throughout your life. You will need him even after passing the LET since you will have the most significant responsibility in the world. You’ll be a teacher. YOU WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE and to do it successfully; you’ll need his help— THE ONE WHO SHAPED THE WHOLE WORLD PERFECTLY.

Good Luck teachers!

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57 thoughts on “Tips on Passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)”

  1. Hello Sir, I failed on board exam.. I don’t know what to do… Im scared again to take. Please help me Sir.v

  2. Hello po, good evening. Can I ask po a favor? pwede po ba makahingi ng reviewer nyo sa General Education po? Thank you so much!!

  3. mam paki help naman po ako 4times ko n po itong take ng exam ngayun sana po makapasa n po ako BEED po ako mam baka po pwede pa help para makakuha ng reviewer di po kasi ako sure sa reviewer ko ee pero binabasa ko naman po sya. ty po sana po ma help nyo ko

  4. Im a fresh grad at the age of 36. Actually im enrolled carl balita review center. But still im afraid, i might fail the exam this coming Sept2017 LET exam. Kindly help me pls what to do..

  5. Helo po mam pls help me hopeless na po ako.4x na po ako nagtake wala pa din.unit earner po ako English major po aku.
    Tnx po.

  6. I wanted to help everyone and don’t be discouraged if you have failed once or twice. Just believe that you CAN, LET isn’t only about who has the highest level of intelligence but rather a matter of persistence and never resort to the idea of “surrendering”,. I am currently working in a public institution……I am hoping for the means of sending you some tips or even materials that I have used extensively during my review at the Philippine Normal University that would be relevant in your review schedule.

    • And of course, pray a lot only God knows what is best for you. I believe if it is your calling then He would do something out of your persistence

  7. Good morning po sir/madam pls… Help naman po nais ko pong maka pasa sa exam pahingi naman po ng tip pang 4times ko na po itong exam.

  8. Hi po..I didn’t passed the let dis sept 2016 that’s why I’m taking the exam Agen dis march 2017..nagseself review din po ako kaya mdyo wla ako idea s mga irreview q.nhirapan po tlga aq s Prof Ed kya d ako nakapasa..sna po mbigyan nyo ako ng mga ideas pra additional knowledge po.nagaalaga kc ako ng baby ko kya d ako mkareview s mga Rev.centers..pls help me po..Godbless

  9. tnx for the tips,, madam.. my first exam is 74.22 that was 2002… i failed 2nd and 3rd time.. this year i will take 4th exam i hope makapasa na.. nag abroad kasi me from 2007-2016.. ung 2nd and 3rd exam pag uwi ko ng pinas mag file at mag exam.. walang review.. i hope i can make it this time.. mag review na ako.. god bless sa lahat ng mag take ng exam next year…

  10. Hi! Im a graduate of BsED major in English. i took the LET last 2013 but I didn’t make it. I accepted it cause it’s my fault though, I took it for granted. Now Im planing to take the LET again this Sept 25 for the second time. Sinayang ko 3yrs and ive just realized n di pangmatagalan ang work ko as a call center agent. Sana this time pamasa ko khit mag selselfreview lng ako. Weakness ko po ang Math pero now para lhat weakness ko dhil 3yrs n nklipas.. sna po matulongan nyo ako. tnx

  11. ..Good day Ma’am I am fresh graduate this year i want to ask advice from you to make me pass the board exam this coming Sept.plzzzz

  12. hello po sa lahat. Im an ofw for 7 years. Im BEED graduate but not yet a LET passer.
    I worked abroad after my graduation kaya di ako nakapagreview and take the exam. Gusto ko po sana humingi ng advice sa inyo kung ano po ang magandang gawin, kasi gusto ko po sana mag take ng exam here in Abudhabi kasi meron silang program dito na pwede na po kumuha ng Board exam. Ang concern ko po sana kung saan ako pwedeng magreview online since matagal n po akong nkagraduate at almost limot ko na lahat ng natutunan ko nung nag aaral pa ko. Hindi rin kasi ako makauwi sa pilipinas to get a review kasi hindi ko pwedeng iwanan ang work ko lalo n po madami ang umaasa sa akin sa pilipinas. Sana po may makabasa nito at mabigyan nyo po ng pansin. GODbless po sa ating lahat.

  13. good day maam thank you po sa advice nyo I hope na makapasa na po kame.. nakakapressure na po pang 3 take na po 🙂 in God’s time …

  14. I hope ths could be a big help for me to pass the LET this September.. I took last March but I didn’t make it.. It’s really my fault why I didn’t passed ‘coz I took it for granted,not to focus on what I was reviewng and Instead of reviewing I’m reading wattpad ? Pls.ma’am I need some advices Im eager to talk to you and for your advices.. I promise to myself that REVIEWING is my PRIORITY now to PASSED the LET before 2015 ends ?? I will try to answer also your questionrs and that would be a BIG BIG help to get my LICENSED.. God is really good all the time..

  15. Thanks po s tips na binigay mo….I passed the march, 2015 LET exam for secondary level, though I got low rating but I’m so thankful bcoz i am one of those successful passers….you’re right ma’am I got high score in prof ed but in gen ed is very low…although some of the questions are basic but hard to recall….thanks again…:)

  16. tama ,all is well lang lage..whatever u ask in prayer ,believed that you have received it,and it will be yours..GOD IS GOOD:)

  17. Another tip: READ! As in read a lot, even it is not LET related or education related stuff. You will be surprise during the exam of how much your stored knowledge get you through. I’m not an Education graduate, and I didn’t enrolled in Review Center. I aced my LET exam with pretty good rating when I took it last Jan. 2014. I had same experience when I took Civil Service exam.

    Make reading a habit.

  18. Good Luck sa mga kumuha ng pagsusulit sa Licensure Examination for Teachers this coming March 29, 2015. God Bless all!!!

  19. Tnx.maam for your inspiring tips..i hope that i will pass my broad exam this coming march 29,2015…help me lord to guide me and write the correct answer to my answer sheet…

  20. Haloooo ma’am thank you so much for your tips for for us…l hope makapasa kaming lahat sa darating na LET this coming March 29,2015 most especially Jovie Sumayang Tugnon, Joecel Sumayang Tugnon, Ailyn Armenton Orosco….God Bless Us Always Teachers…Kayang kaya natin to mga teachers papasa tayo Basta always tayo think positive…I love you guyzzzzzz…

  21. Thank you for the Tips. 🙂 I hope I will pass the exam this coming March 29, 2015. I will do my best and God will do the rest. 🙂

  22. Tnx po sa tips that you shared po. .. sa na maka pakasa dn ako sa Board exam this march 29, 2015.. thank you..

        • Study diligently, and you will be okay. No stress, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly when you do take your test. It has been said don’t study too hard, especially the night before..You do what you feel right!
          Please let us know your results..

  23. Good day maam, thank you poh sa mga tips na share nyu, I hope mkapasa aku sa board exam this coming March 29,2015 dito sa Cagayan de oro city.

  24. Thank you teacherPH s online reviewer.
    I hope mkapsa ako s darating n board exam March 29,2015 dto s Singapore.
    Big help po ito s amin
    Thank you po.

    • It answer Loida, ada na pag nahuman mo it exam/quiz. Makikita mo it imo answer ngan hit tama nga answer kahuman mo pag submit hit quiz. Ada ka ha Samar yana?


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