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My Experience as Teacher In-Charge (T.I.C.)

It was April 2, 2012 when I was endorsed by our retired Principal I Mrs. Rosalinda M. Papa and the Barangay Officials together with our PTA President and our District Supervisor Jose A. de los Reyes as Teacher In-Charge in our school Sambat-Simaron Elementary.

During that time I was asking myself, “Am I qualified to do the task given to me? Can I perform the duties and responsibilities of being Teacher In-Charge of the said school, inspite of being the youngest teacher in the group?”

For me, it was a challenge because it is a time for the application of knowledge and theories that I have gained during my Masteral Degree. I was 29 years old then, but modesty aside I was able to adjust to different personalities of pupils, teachers, school administrators, my superior and most of all the community people.

In order to achieve quality education there is a need to prioritize the needs and integration of services among our school children.

My first project was the procurement of a sound system because I believed that it is very useful during the flag ceremony. Likewise it is important because it was the first implementation of Hataw Bayan I and II and pupils were interested to participate actively in morning exercise.

My second project was the installation of a “Covered Walk”, a great help for the pupils during the rainy days. The budget for this project was realized through our “Kiddie King and Queen Contest” and we were able to raised twenty-five thousand pesos Php 25,000.00 for this project.

My third project was putting a concrete pathway at the middle of the gate of the school.

Since we do not have a source of water inside the school, I found a way to finance the project by writing a letter to our Barangay Council asking for the allocation of funds for the installation of water connection in our school. We were very lucky because our Barangay Captain gave us a budget and the water connection was installed, and it was followed by the installation of faucets in comfort rooms in every classroom.

During the first quarter of 2013 I was able to ask the assistance of the Barangay Council. I was able to have a Multi-Purpose stage worth Php 60,000.00 and it was constructed and managed through the help of my husband who is a Civil Sanitary Engineer.

Other projects are the following:

  • Installation of garden boxes inside and outside the school compounds.
  • Installation of baluster in four classrooms.
  • Painting of 3 buildings and school fences.

Inspection of school site, checking the lesson plans and teaching the subjects that are assigned to me and doing the required report are my daily routine.

Attending meetings with the Barangay Council, PTA Conference with writing letters to concerned people, follow up projects, monitor physical and academic aspects of the school are the factors that I considered effective in handling a school. And most of all this would not be realized without the help of Almighty God because as Christian we should put ourselves in the eyes of the Lord and He will lead us in the right path.

Sambat-Simaron Elementary School
Calapan West District
Division of Oriental Mindoro

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