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Grade 12 Business Finance Curriculum Guide

This course deals with the fundamental principles, tools, and techniques of the financial operation involved in the management of business enterprises. It covers the basic framework and tools for financial analysis and financial planning and control, and introduces basic concepts and principles needed in making investment and financing decisions. Introduction to investments and personal finance are also covered in the course. Using the dual-learning approach of theory and application, each chapter and module engages the learners to explore all stages of the learning process from knowledge, analysis, evaluation, and application to preparation and development of financial plans and programs suited for a small business.

Semester2nd Semester
Subject TitleBusiness Finance
No. of Hours/ Semester80 hours/ semester
Prerequisite (if needed)Fundamentals of ABM1
Co-requisiteFundamentals of ABM2

Senior High School (SHS) – Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Specialized Subject – Business Finance Curriculum Guide

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