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Deped Guidelines for the Payment of CNA Incentive

DepEd Guidelines for the Payment of FY 2016 CNA INCENTIVE

1. The payment of 2016 CNA Incentive shall be based primarily on the 2016 Personal Services Itemization – Plantilla of Positions;

2. All DepEd Regional Offices (ROs) and Division Offices (DOs) are required to submit their duly adjusted DBM-released 2016 PSI-POP as of December 31, 2016, using the attached prescribed matrix. The subject 2016 PSI-POP for submission must be in excel format (pdf setup is not accepted). Likewise, it should have been updated as of December 31, 2016. All Implementing Units (IUs) must submit the requirement to their respective DOs. Only the submissions coming from the Regional and Division offices shall be recognized.

3. Deadline of submission shall be on February 09, 2018 (Friday 5:00PM). Failure of any DepEd Field Office (FO) to submit on time the said 2016 PSI-POP shall cause undue delay on the allocation of the amount of incentive. As such, the Join Management-Union Collective Negotiation Agreement Incentive – Technical Working Group may recommend the forfeiture of the allocation of the non-compliant FO;

4. Regular nonacademic rank-and-file employees listed in the 2016 PSI-POP, including those who occupy third (3rd) level positions, are qualified to receive the CNA Incentive. Please refer to the List of Plantilla Positions Entitled to Receive 2016 CNA Incentive;

5. In the case of new regular nonacademic rank-and-file employees hired during CY 2016, the policy of year-end bonus payment shall be applied, i.e. the employee must have rendered at least four (4) months of service within the period of January 01, 2016 to October 31, 2016 to qualify the employee to receive the 2016 CNA Incentive (hence, the appointment shall not be later than July 01, 2016);

6. Except for employees occupying third (3rd) level positions, the CNA incentive of those who are not bona fide members of the DepEd National Employees Union (DepEd-NEU) shall be deducted an agency fee equivalent to fifteen percent (15%) or one thousand pesos (Php 1,000.00), whichever is lower, of the gross incentive received;

7. Employees occupying contractual or casual positions, rendering full-time or part-time services and whose salaries are charged against the PS are qualified to receive the CNA incentive, subject to the policy of agency fee. For casual employees, the four (4) months service, as mentioned in provision No. 5 of this set of guidelines, shall be observed, while for contractual employees, who are not qualified to join the DepEd-NEU, shall automatically be deducted an agency fee (NB: Contract-of-Service/Job Order employees are not entitled to receive the CNA incentive;

8. Nonacademic rank-and-file employees of Local Government Units (LGUs) detailed at the Department of Education are not qualified to receive CNA incentive;

9. Employees who were separated (i.e. resigned/retired/deceased) from the service in CY 2016 are entitled to receive the full amount of CNA incentive, subject to the policy of agency fee;

10. The 2016 PSI-POP submissions shall be considered final, without prejudice however to revalidation of DepEd-NEU secretariat, which includes, among others, weeding out of duplicate names and entries deemed not qualified to receive the CNA incentive in accordance to the provisions of this set of guidelines;

11. The revalidated 2016 PSI-POP shall be reviewed by the JMNUCNAI-TWG for final validation, confirmation and approval. Thus, the amount of 2016 CNA Incentive for every employee is determined after the confirmation and approval of 2016 PSI-POP made by the JMNUCNAI-TWG. Appropriate tax rates based on Revenue Regulations issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenues relative to CNA incentives shall be applied.

12. The confirmed 2016 PSI-POP matrix shall be submitted to the DepEd Central Office (CO), Finance Service, copy furnished the CO Personnel Division, to facilitate fund transfer and preparation of payrolls;

13. The DepEd CO shall download to respective ROs, through the issuance of MDS checks for deposit to the Trust Account of the Region (TAR), the corresponding amount of incentive, net of agency fee, based on the 2016 PSI-POP confirmed and approved by the JMNUCNAI-TWG;

14. After the funds are downloaded, the CO and ROs shall facilitate payment of the 2016 CNA Incentive to their respective regions;

15. Submit to the DBM’s Budget and Management Bureau or DBM-RO the annual report or the grant of 2016 CNA Incentive, copy furnished DepEd CO Accounting Division and DepEd-NEU National Office at DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City, ten (10) days after payment of the same.

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