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How Much Do BetterHelp Therapists Make?

Are you looking to begin or expand your career in therapy, but aren’t sure how to best accomplish that? One of the newest means of performing therapy also yields a huge potential for success: online therapy. Made more popular by the changing state of the world today, online therapy has the potential to give you a full-time career with the flexibility of fully remote work. Due to its more recent nature, there are several questions that need to be addressed before you make the jump: Which company is the best to work for, and how well do they pay?

The Best Company to Work For

Determining the best company to work for has partially to do with how successful they have already been in the field. They need to bring in a consistent number of clients – and show positive progress with them. When it comes to those traits, there are two major companies that should jump to the top of your list: BetterHelp and TalkSpace. But which one is the more ideal choice?

Let’s take a look at the traits they share. Both companies promise fully remote work with a wide variety of means in which to communicate with your clients. You’ll have the capability of using text, video and audio calls to meet with them. BetterHelp and TalkSpace offer a lot more flexibility in terms of scheduling. Working remotely means eliminating the unneeded commute time and the need to meet in an in-person office. You’ll be able to meet with clients at any time that your schedules align, regardless of location.

One crucial thing to keep in mind is that both companies make it easy to switch therapists at any time. In order for online therapists to achieve the most success, they’ll need to have a proven track record and have the capability of maintaining it. The companies bring in thousands of new clients per year, however, so don’t get discouraged if something goes wrong. Chances are, you’ll have the opportunity to bounce back.

So, where will you have the best chance of success? The two companies might sound similar, but where you decide to make the jump to is entirely your decision. If you are still unsure, consider how the two employers will pay you. While they are similar in design, their methods of pay are starkly different from each other.

Calculating Your Pay

The difference between BetterHelp and its competitors is their pay model. They choose to pay their employees on an engagement-based compensation model in lieu of the traditional hourly rate. Employees with the best chance of success using this model will regularly communicate with their clients, making an effort to bring in new ones and provide the same great service to all of them. You can also click here for a handy tool that will give you a rough estimate of your yearly earnings at BetterHelp.

How you’re paid at an online therapy company depends on a variety of factors, with the most obvious being your education and experience level. The better college degree you possess, the better your odds are of making a good paycheck. Also, the more previous experience you have, the more likely you are to make a lot of money. It will also make it much easier for you to achieve success if you’ve had similar results in the past.

The number of clients that you choose to take on can greatly affect how much you make. As previously stated, working at BetterHelp will give you a lot of flexibility on that. There is no minimum number of clients you need to maintain employment, so you can either use BetterHelp as a full-time job or balance it with something else. The biggest earners on the site tend to lean toward full-time hours, however. Keep in mind that the big bucks might not necessarily come right away, and that you’ll start seeing significant results after a few months of employment.

In the world of online therapy, there is an enormous amount of potential to succeed. A lot of that revolves around choosing the right company, as several have proved time and time again to be a beneficial resource for both its clients and employees. You should decide on a company that offers you the best chance of success in the online therapy world. It makes the risk well worth the reward.

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