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Integration of Climate Change in Teaching Math

As mathematics enthusiast what do you think are the various things we can do for global warming? How can we use math for climate change? Suppose the quadratic function relating to climate change, in what way we can use quadratic function to awaken the mind of students in environmental awareness and protection?

Here is the suggested lesson plan were you can combine math and climate change, if how quadratic equation be applied to climate change, where learners will learn about the issues of climate change and global warming through watching documentary, how humans affect global warming, and things you can do to stop it.

This is a holistic lesson where you can tap the Multiple Intelligence of the students entitled as “Quadratic function and the climate Change” intended for 5 days. It requires the teacher to follow the stated task for a depth understanding how quadratic function serving the environment.


  1. Make a difference in environment we live/about global warming.
  2. Determine the form of quadratic function, the coordinates of the vertex, the equation of the axis of symmetry, and whether the vertex is a maximum point or a minimum point.
  3. Apply the forms of quadratic in saving environment by tree planting.



Quadratic Function and the Climate Change


Documentary movie: “Now is the Time”
Advanced Algebra: Trigonometry and Statistic, pp. 62-69;
21st Century Mathematics, pp. 232-238.



Watching documentary movie,
Group work/competition


Interactive whiteboard,
Graph board,
CAI (Computer Aided Instruction)

A. Tap musical intelligence of the students by singing the “Mathematics and climate Song” (In the tune of top of the word).

B. Tap visual spatial intelligence of the students by integrating the documentary movie, “Now is the Time”.

C. Exploration based on the watched documentary movie, tap the interpersonal/intrapersonal intelligence by grouping the students, and ask the following:

  1. What is global Warming?
  2. Why there is a global warming?
  3. How will climate change?
  4. Can the climate change by us?
  5. What is greenhouse effect?
  6. What are source of the green house gasses?
  7. When do you send greenhouse gasses into the air?
  8. What are the impacts of climate change?
  9. Can you make a difference?
  10. How can we make our planet a better place?
  11. What are the efforts to control climate change?
  12. Can tree planting helps?

D. Show that all the forms quadratic function is in the vertex form of f(x) = a(x-h) 2 + k, where (h, k) is the vertex, h = k is the line of symmetry.

E. Discus the quadratic function: Show that all the forms quadratic function is in the vertex form of f(x) = a(x-h) 2 + k, where (h, k) is the vertex, h = k is the line of symmetry.

F. Show various parabolas; let the group give the function and its vertex.

G. Show the function f(x) = (x + 4)2 and f(x) = 2(x + 4)2, let the students compare the vertex. Ask if the two functions would have the same parabola.

H. Tap logical mathematical/bodily kinesthetic by completing the table and graph each of the following function by shifting the vertex using the graphing board.

Quadratic Function Vertex Equation of axis of symmetry

  1. f(x) = X²+ 3
  2. f(x) = -2X²+ 3
  3. f(x) = (X – 3)²
  4. f(x) = (X – 7)²
  5. f(x) =-(X + 4)² + 2
  6. f(x) = (X – 9)² – 11
  7. f(x) = 2(X + 3)² + 5 8. f(x) = ½ (X + 8) ² + 4

I. Ask the group to generalize the forms of quadratic function.

J. Integrate values by tapping the naturalist intelligence of the students, show pictures of places affected by floods. Ask the students if what is the cause of the floods, show deforest mountain, let them think how to reforest mountain to avoid floods, land slides in order for the mountain to have a stable parabola. Based on their suggestion, form a function in the form of f(x) = a(x – h) 2 + k to reforest mountains. (f(x) = -(x + discipline) 2 + Tree planting. Then graph the function.

Inculcate the importance of tree planting, that it is a fun activity and a great way to reduce greenhouse gasses. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air.


Conduct tree planting activity and inculcate the importance/application of Quadratic function in real life where the quadratic equation is: (f(x) = -(x + discipline) 2 + Tree planting will be used as function to reforest mountains and other places.


Efforts to control climate change:

  1. Find other places where they you can conduct tree planting activity.
  2. Make another quadratic function to make a difference.

It is the man activity why there is a climate change, we need the teachers’ expertise in relating the lesson, there is really a need for us to act and get involve in saving our environment because we have only one planet to live… This is our MOTHER EARTH.


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  2. School Principals in Using Data and Information

Ramil Pascual Polintan Ph.D.

He is a Senior Education Program Specialist and serves as a Trainer Facilitator in the Division of Nueva Ecija. Sir Ramil likes the outdoor and he being a bookworm, he has reached so many places through the pages he loves to turn. He finished his bachelors degree in Secondary major in Mathematics in Wesleyan-University of the Philippines and his masters degree in Science in Educational Management in Central Luzon State University. Because of his passion in the education field, he also completed his Ph.D. in Educational Management in Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. He has also received several awards in the period of his service in the public education.

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  1. Show example on how you can relate between quadratic function and global warming, ideas is not enough, thanks a lot, God speed.


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