Sample Lesson Plan in Grade 2 MAPEH

Scope and Sequence
In MAPEH – Grade II

First Quarter


Exploring Rhythm

Lesson 1: Steady Beats

  • Distinction Between Sound and Silence
  • Steady Beats
  • Simple Rhythmic Patterns
  • Ostinato


Exploring Drawing

Lesson 1: Let Us Learn to Draw

  • Art Elements:Lines(Different Lines), Shapes (Natural Shapes), Colors (Contrasting)
  • Principle Of Design: Variety of Lines, Shapes, Proportion of Body Parts, Fruits, Contrast of Shapes
  • Process: Drawing; Portrait of Two or More People in a Composition, Body in Motion, Still Life (Fruits/Plants), and Drawing of Imaginary Landscape

Physical Education

Exploring Body Shapes and Body Actions

Lesson 1: Body Shapes and Body Actions

  • Fundamental Movements: Locomotor Skills, Stability Skills, Manipulative Skills
  • Body Shapes: Curled, Stretched, Wide, and Twisted

Health Education

Exploring Nutrition

Lesson 1: Nutrition

  • Healthy Food and the Body
  1. Provides Energy: Carbohydrates and Fats
  2. Promotes Growth and Bodybuilding: Proteins
  3. Regulates Body Functions: Vitamins and Minerals
  • Guide in Eating Balanced Diet: Food Pyramid for Filipino Children (7-12 years old), Food Plate for Filipino Children (7-12 years old)

Second Quarter


Exploring Melody and Musical Form

Lesson 2: Melody

  • Melody: Pitch, Simple Melodic Patterns

Lesson 3: Musical Form

  • Form: Musical Lines, Beginnings and Endings in Music, Repeats in Music


Exploring Painting

Lesson 2: Let Us Learn to Paint

  • Art Elements: Colors (Primary, Secondary), Shapes ( Organic, Geometric), Textures (Spotted, Furry, Shiny, Slimy)
  • Principle of Design: Contrast, Rhythm
  • Process: Painting; Fishes and Sea Creatures or Wild Forest Animals Design: Lines, Shapes, Tricycles, Jeepneys

Physical Education

Exploring Locations, Personal Space, General Space, Directions, Levels, and Pathways

Lesson 2: Locations, Personal Space, General Space, Directions, and Levels

  • Directions: Forward, Backward, Lateral Sideward
  • Levels: High, Medium, Low
  • Pathways: Straight, Zigzag, Curved, Combination
  • Space: Personal Space, General Space
  • Locations: Behind, Under, In Front, Over

Health Education

Exploring Personal Health

Lesson 2: Personal Health

  • Health Habits and Hygiene: Care of the Eyes, Ears, Nose; Scabies, Sore Eyes, Excessive or Hardened Ear Wax
  • Care for the Mouth/Teeth
  • Development of Self- management Skills

Third Quarter


Exploring Timbre and Dynamics

Lesson 4: Timbre

  • Timbre: Quality of Sound in Music, Introduction to Voice Production, Differentiation in Sound Quality, Introduction to Musical Instrument

Lesson 5: Dynamics

  • Dynamics: Volume of Sound in Music, Distinction Between Loudness and Softness in Music


Exploring Printmaking

Lesson 3: Appreciating Printmaking

  • Art Elements: Shapes, Colors, Textures
  • Principles of Design: Repetition of Motif, Contrast of Motif and Color
  • Process: Printmaking; Banana Trunk Prints, Fern Prints, Eraser Prints, Found Object Prints, Cutout Design, Card Making

Physical Education

Exploring Movement in Relation to Time, Force, and Flow

Lesson 3: Movement in Relation to Time, Force, and Flow

  • Time: Slow, Slower, Slowest/Fast, Faster, Fastest
  • Force: Light, Lighter, Lightest/Strong, Stronger, Strongest
  • Flow: Free Flow and Bound Flow
  • Folk Dance: Rabong

Health Education

Exploring Family Health

Lesson 3: Family Health

  • Healthy Family Habits and Practices

a. Sharing Responsibilities in Keeping the House Clean
b. Preparing and Eating Healthy Food Together
c. Exercising Regularly as a Family
d. Dong Recreational Activities Together

  • Positive Expressions of Feelings

Fourth Quarter


Exploring Tempo and Texture

Lesson 6: Tempo

  • Tempo: Speed of Sound in Music, Distinction Between Fastness and Slowness in Music

Lesson 7: Texture

  • Texture: Single Melodic Line or Simultaneous Occurrence of Multiple Melodic Lines, Distinction Between Thinness and Thickness in Music


Exploring Sculpture and 3D Crafts

Lesson 4: Appreciating Sculpture and 3D Crafts

  • Art Elements: Natural Shapes, Geometric Shapes, Texture
  • Principle of Design: Proportion, Balance
  • Process: Sculpture and 3D Crafts, Box Figure Sculpture, Kites and Boats, Paper Mache Animals, Clay Figures

Physical Education

Exploring Movement Activities Relating to Person, Objects, Music, and Environment

Lesson 4: Movement Activities Relating to Person, Objects, Music and Environment

  • Movement Activities Related to Person: Lead, Follow, Chase, Flee, Dodge
  • Movement Activities Related to Objects: Ribbons, Hoops, Balls
  • Movement Skills in Response to Music: Moving on Your Toes, Step, Hop, Side Slipping
  • Folk Dance: Alitaptap

Health Education

Exploring Injury Prevention, Safety, and First Aid

Lesson 4:Injury Prevention, Safety, and First Aid

  • Safety Rights and Responsibilities
  • Home Safety: Hazards at Home, Safety Rules
  • School Safety: Hazards in the School, Safety Rules

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