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What To Do If You Have A Math Test Tomorrow And You Don’t Even Open A Book?

Are you the one who is remiss like me? If you are then I think this article is written especially for you my friend. No need to worry about that you did not study math before the exam. Just relax and thanks to God that still you have one day before the exam. It means you still have 24 hrs. Do not take 24 hrs. so lightly my friend. If you have the thirst for the passing exam and know some simple tips and tricks I think this last 24 hrs. before the exam is quite enough to pass the exam even though if you have not open your books.

Most of our students make a mistake by studying mathematics like geography which is totally a wrong approach to studying mathematics. To help you out in this situation I have listed few things for you, I think if you follow them you can grab as many marks as you wish, remember it totally depends according to your dedication and seriousness.

Here I am sharing the list of tips and tricks that I personally followed when I was a college student and trust me I personally followed them and successfully passed the college. I think it is high time you also should try these tips to take a handsome preparation to get the pass mark in the exam.

Just Relax

I know remaining calm before the exam when you did not study at all is quite impossible. But if you become nervous then trust me you won’t be able to pass the exam anymore. Because stress will make it a lot harder to concentrate on your study and memorize the formulas.

So it’s absolutely important that you don’t get panic.  You can try meditation, yoga or even listen to your favorite songs before you start your study. Don’t waste more than thirty minutes for relaxation.

Set a Goal

Before starting your study, you should set a goal first. If you can clearly identify what actually you want to do in the exam and how much marks do you need. If you can clarify yourself with these questions, then it will help you to take necessary steps to take preparation for the math exam.

Find a Quiet Spot

This is very important to find a place which is favorable for study. Because without a study-friendly environment it is quite tough to concentrate on the study which will make the situation worse.

Gather your Study Material

Before starting you should gather all the study materials like books, notes, pens, pencils together. Because without the proper organization of this materials it will be a little bit difficult to make the study plan. Moreover, if you have organized study material in one place then you be able to concentrate on your studies fully.

Stay Away from Distraction

Sometimes students start their study with a very serious approach, but within a few hours they lost their enthusiasm and started to distracted. They waste their valuable time by visiting Facebook or surfing internet which is very alarming for those who didn’t open the books before. Because if they waste their time like this then there will be no hope to get pass marks in the exam. So it is very important to stay away from distraction.

Don’t Learn Anything New

Sometimes students try to memorize or learn a new topic before the exam which he is not familiar with. If you give more afford to learn a completely new topic, then there is a high chance to forget the topics that you knew earlier. So try to avoid this ill practice.

Look Over Your Class Notes

If you look your class notes you will understand which math is important or other is not. Because in the class teachers sometimes give some hints about some of the important problems of math. If you practice them first you can grab some extra marks for the exam.

To organize your class notes and to learn the effective way of taking class notes you can visit the website named essay writing service in Canada.

Try to Understand the Formulas

Getting good marks and taking math exam preparation is very easy if you understand the formulas. You just need to understand the formulas and should know the application of those formulas, if you can do this you can do well in the exam.    

Study Important Chapter Only

Before the exam, you should not try to study all the chapters. Try to identify the important chapter by following the previous year’s question pattern and the suggestion that your teacher provides. You need to be practical that studying everything before the exam is impossible. So you need to focus on important chapter only.

Basics of the Chapters

You should have the basics of the important chapters as well as other unimportant chapters. Because if you can start a math you may get partial marks for that unfinished math and will be able to grab pass marks.

Quiz Yourself

You should quiz yourself to judge yourself. You can understand how much afford still you need to give to take preparation for the math exam. You will be able to find out the problematic mathematical problems that are creating an obstacle in the way of getting prepared for the math exam.

You can also take math help online to justify your level of math.

Sleep Properly

From my personal experience, I have seen many of my friends to study for the whole nights! But alas! they got poor marks in the exam. Do you know why? Because no doubt about their study, in fact, they studied more than me but as they did not sleep at night before the exam their brain could not process all the data in an organized way. As a result, in spite of reading more, they couldn’t express them in the exam. That’s why you better need to sleep at least 6 hrs. before the exam.    

Finally, I would like to tell you that If you follow the above tips I hope you will be able to get pass marks in the math exam even if you have not opened the books before the exam. But always remember that getting a good grade by studying only the night before an exam is totally impossible and I think you abstain from this ridiculous practice. Better you should be serious in study.

If you still have any confusion or quarry you can ask us in the comment section. Suggestions from you regarding this topic is also appreciable.

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Rosemarie Marciano

Elementary School Teacher at Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School (Commonwealth, Quezon City)

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  1. Right, distraction makes everything impossible. Concentration and motivation is always a key to success. Yes you are right, we need to focus and motivation makes us complete our desires. Love to read here, subscribed your blog.


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