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Operational Guidelines Pending Appointment of Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries

August 2, 2016

DepEd Memorandum No. 118, s. 2016



Assistant Secretaries
Regional Secretary, ARMM
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Division Chiefs and Unit Heads

1. After careful deliberation, taking into consideration the mandates of the Department and its present state and challenges, and in the exercise of her responsibility under Book IV, Chapter 10, Section 47 of the Administrative Code of 1987, the undersigned has submitted to the President the following nominees to the positions of Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries:


Atty. Alberto T. Muyot
Ms. Dina S. Ocampo
Mr. Alain Del B. Pascua
Ms. Annalyn M. Sevilla
Mr. Jesus Lorenzo R. Mateo (Coterminous with the Appointing Authority)

Assistant Secretaries

Atty. Tonisito M. C. Umali, CESO II
Atty. Revsee A. Escobedo
Atty. Nepomuceno A. Malaluan
Ms. G.H. S. Ambat
Atty. Josephine G. Maribojoc (Acting/Coterminous with the Appointing Authority)

2. In addition, in view of the financial management reforms that the Department will implement to ensure availability and delivery of programs, projects, activities and resources both for formal and nonformal education, the provision of an additional Undersecretary position was requested to the Office of the President and nominated the appointment of Ms. Victoria M. Catibog. The financial management reforms would bring about improved accounting systems, effective internal control, efficient budget utilization, the elimination of underspending without resorting to constitutional violations, and enhanced delivery and accountability systems.

3. Pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 1 by the Office of the President dated June 30, 2016, and its follow-up Memorandum from the Executive Secretary dated July 25, 2016, the following appointments expressly denominated as “coterminous” in their original appointments are deemed terminated, as follows:

a. Undersecretary Reynaldo D. Laguda – Functus officio/resigned as of 12:00 noon of June 30, 2016
b. Undersecretary Mario A. Deriquito – Hold-over status terminated as of July 31, 2016
c. Assistant Secretary Anna Cristina M. Ganzon – Functus officio as of 12:00 noon of 30 June 2016
d. Assistant Secretary Blvin Ivan Y. Uy – Hold-over status terminated as of July 31, 2016

4. The following Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries whose original appointments are either without qualification or expressly in an acting capacity are to continue serving in such original capacities until they are reappointed or replacements are appointed:

a. Undersecretary Alberto T. Muyot
b. Acting Undersecretary Dina S. Ocampo
c. Acting Assistant Secretary Jesus Lorenzo R. Mateo

5. Assistant Secretary Tonisito M.C. Umali, CBSO II shall continue serving in the same position.

6. Pursuant to the Secretary’s authority of supervision and control over the bureaus, services and offices in the Department, and in the interest of the continuous and effective delivery of government services, as well as the urgency of many responsibilities and tasks, following are directed:

a. Pending their appointment and qualification, the new nominees to the positions of Undersecretary and Assistant Secretary are requested to report to the office and coordinate with the Bureaus and Services as will be assigned to them, provided that any action they may make shall only be advisory in nature and subject to official action by the Secretary or her duly designated qualified officer;
b. Atty. Josephine G. Maribojoc shall continue in her present position as Director for Legal Affairs, until she is appointed to the position for which she was nominated;
c. All subsisting designations as Officer-in-Charge to different offices or positions by former Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro within the Department are affirmed, and shall continue unless sooner revoked or a new officer is appointed and qualified; and
d. Pending final appointments to the positions of Undersecretary and Assistant Secretary, the following coordination lines are provisionally and temporarily instituted:

Undersecretary Alberto T. Muyot

a. Legal Service
b. Sites Titling Office

Acting Undersecretary Dina S. Ocampo

a. Bureau of Curriculum Development
b. Bureau of Learning Delivery
c. Bureau of Education Assessment
d. Bureau of Learning Resources
e. National Educators Academy of the Philippines

Acting Assistant Secretary Jesus Lorenzo R. Mateo

a. Planning Service
b. Field Operations/Regional Offices

Assistant Secretary Tonisito M.C. Umali, CESO II

a. Legislative Liaison Office
b. External Partnerships Service
c. School Sports Division

Ms. Victoria M. Catibog

a. Accounting Division
b. Cash Division
c. Employee Account Management Division

Ms. Annalyn M. Sevilla

a. Budget Division
b. Setting-up of a Program/Project Monitoring and Delivery Unit

Mr. Alain Del B. Pascua

a. Administrative Service
b. Information and Communications Technology Service
c. Bureau of Learner Support Services (except School Sports Division)
d. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service

Atty. Revsee A. Escobedo

a. Procurement Service
b. Project Management Service

Ms. G.H. S. Ambat

a. Public Affairs Service
b. Personnel directly involved in delivery of ALS and related programs

Atty. Nepomuceno A. Malaluan

a. Chief of Staff
b. Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development (with Personnel Division)

7. A statement of the vision and agenda for the Department will be issued at the soonest. In the meantime, for the guidance of the Department, the following are the emerging priorities that will be included in the agenda:

a. Continue the full implementation of K to 12, but putting in place an effective system to monitor and evaluate the outcomes in terms of quality and access;
b. Defend existing budget allocation, and work to increase the budget for 2017 and beyond to bring education spending closer to the ideal 4 to 6 percent of GDP as suggested by international standards;
c. Strengthen and enrich further curricular reforms by:

  • Enlarging the drug component in science and health by providing real-life lessons via alternative learning methods, starting with Grade 4
  • Strengthening the gender and equity component of school curricula especially in relation to sex education
  • Giving special emphasis on the environment and climate change, disaster risk reduction and preparedness, adaptation and mitigation

d. Introduce catch-up programs to expand the coverage of ALS at regional, national and international levels by:

  • Introducing ALS in drug rehabilitation centers
  • Developing alternative learning methods for hard-to-reach mountain regions, small islands, as well as densely populated areas
  • Establishing ALS in countries with illegal migrants where children don’t have access to formal education

e. Enhance and enrich the complementarity of private and public school institutions by constant dialogue, exchange of strategies and methods of teaching and learning and faculty exchange;

f. Put in place financial management reforms to ensure availability and delivery of learning resources both for formal and non-formal education, including:

  • Improved accounting systems
  • Effective internal control
  • Efficient budget utilization
  • Elimination of underspending without resorting to constitutional violations
  • Enhanced delivery and accountability systems

g. Ensure a consultative leadership in the formulation and implementation of Department policies and programs.

8. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


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