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My Personal Philosophy as a Guidance Counselor

A program of guidance services is an integral part of the educational set-up of a school. It’s services, interwoven into the total school program, reach every individual student’s personal needs and desires and his physical and social environment.

The guidance counselor helps students analyze and assess their physical, mental, social and emotional assets and liabilities so they may make wise choices and proper adjustments and live to the best advantage both for themselves and this responsibility involves the entire staff, the school administrators, homeroom teachers, pupils and parents.

The pupils as the subject studied, worked with and learn about, usually learn by doing. In the elementary grades especially in the intermediate and high school, they are organized on a developmental basis. The pupils learn to move from room to room, sometimes on an irregular daily schedule. This brings them into contact with many different teachers, and this may give them the feeling that no teacher is responsible for them. The guidance and counseling room then becomes the place where small groups come together and receive the guidance of a counselor who takes the responsibility of caring for them.

Human development is the goal of the guidance program and is the reason why the program is made to be functional and maintained. It is focused on the development of the individual into a human person who can make his own decision on the basis of thorough knowledge of himself and of his environment in terms of people and social system and who can take this proper place in society. As a guidance counselor then, I firmly believe in the philosophy of humanism. Humanism is a way of looking at our world which emphasizes the importance of human beings – their nature and their place in the universe. The humanists agree that people are the center of their study. Humanism teaches that every person has dignity and worth and therefore should command the respect of every other person. Humanists are guides to the understanding of life and looks at nature candidly and honestly; they view life both ideally and realistically.

Education should emphasize the training of the ideal gentlemen or universal man. People must know the best that has been thought and said in the world. Modern humanistic ideal of education states that people must know the best; the ideal person is he whose powers are balanced – who has knowledge, lives in harmony with others, appreciates beauty, and has high standards of moral judgement.

As a guidance counselor, I must have the ability to live and deal well with other people and to participate in community affairs. My personality must be strong but not striking. I must show the child or the counselee that I can share meaning with him. In other words, a feeling of harmony between us must be established, otherwise, guidance and counseling will not be effective.

These attributes determine the effectivity or ineffectivity, how clear or vague, how likable or unlikable I am in my work and thus spells my success or failure as a working person in guidance.

Josephine Castro
Bagong Silangan Elementary School
Quezon City

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