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Provision of Ready-Made Daily Lesson Plan (DLP) to the Teachers Courtesy of DepEd Camarines Norte

The Schools Division Office of Camarines Norte would like to acknowledge the overwhelming appreciation to the Daily Lesson Plan (DLP) we provided to our teachers. We never expected the vast reactions that are coming our way. Since the time it came out from the news and was uploaded in the social media, day in and day out, we are receiving enormous reactions thereon. In one social media platform alone, it has 5 million reactions and about 3 million shares.

A response to a tall order

Our DLP is our response to the tall order given by the DepED Regional Office V – Bicol, under the leadership of Gilbert T. Sadsad, Director III to craft for lessons exemplars, purposely to reduce administrative and paper works of Bikolano teachers, that would consequently give them more time for more productive works, forestall burn out and systematize the quality of teaching and learning process. It is in this nature, that the Regional Office is currently in its working table, constructing DLPs to be utilized by all of the teachers in the Bicol Region.

Expression of Love

With limited resources, it is not easy to make the necessary lessons on all subject, in all grade levels for one quarter, (we have three more quarters to do). Our DLP writers and editors devote their time, efforts and sacrifices to materialize this output as our expression of love and devotions to our teachers who in the same manner, are committed to love their learners, the learning process as well as the teaching profession.

K to 12 centered

We are not saying that our DLP is exclusive to us. It is worth mentioning though that during its crafting, the perspective of our learners, the situs and the milieu of learning process as the distinctive characteristics of K to 12 curriculum was primarily considered and was ascertained to be fully embedded as its main ingredients. Thus, our DLP is contextualized to the need of our learners and of our community. This is the very reason why hesitation always takes in when somebody outside the division is requesting for a copy of it. As a reply, we cordially encourage them to formalize their request addressed to the Regional Director.

Responsibility Driven

Our DLP has a built-in responsibility in it. It was achieved purposely and intently for one and sole purpose – academic purpose. Infringement of any copyright or intellectual creation is never intended. No financial gain must evolve from therein or must generate therefrom. It is not for sale and shall not be sold.

As we pivot for a quality teaching material, DLP users (our teachers) are asked to provide feedback, reaction, comment or concerns. It is their responsibility to give their feedback to us. Our Public Schools District Supervisors and Education Program Supervisors are directed to collate these feedbacks by the end of the quarter. This would further enhance the DLP, making it more suited to our learners; resulting to a more relevant and liberating learnings. Further, the feedback mechanism shall nurture the idea that the DLP is owned by all the stakeholders of education in the Schools Division Office of Camarines Norte, not just by its writers, editors and this Office. (A DLP of the teachers, by the teachers, for the teachers.)

Press Statement on the Provision of Ready-Made Daily Lesson Plan (DLP) to the Teachers Courtesy of Department of Education Schools Division Office of Camarines Norte

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