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Sad Memories of a Teacher

Twenty nine years have passed but my sad memories when I was first appointed as a teacher still haunt me.

On July 1, 1966 I was assigned in Dimiao, Bohol to handle one of the extension classes in Dimiao Central Elementary School, but was prevailed upon to sign a waiver in favor of an old teacher in Cabagakian Elementary School, a barrio school nine kilometers towards the mountains. I accepted the barrio assignment but served only up to July 15, 1966, because a new teacher who was assigned in Pilar, Bohol came to take my place. I was told to proceed to Carmen and assumed a position as Grade II teacher at Calatrava Elementary School, a place 68 kilometers away from home.

It can be recalled that in the Teacher’s Competitive Examination held in Tagbilaran City I got a score of 107 well above the National Mean. My Division Rank was 130th and that in my hometown I was number one. I was made to understand that the policy of localization will be observed and that the first available extension class in my hometown will be given to me. But the thing that bothered me so much was that, the third and fourth in rank in Lila were made to occupy the two extension classes in my hometown. The two were politically backed up. One is the mayor’s niece and the other the vice mayor’s sister-in-law. I thought then it was high time for me to communicate with the President, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, whose words during his oath taking still lingered in my ears…”That I will do justice to every man.” Where could I go to seek redress of my grievances but to the President of the Philippines, who had promised to help me since I was a student at the Divine Word College, taking BSEED. President Marcos was yet the Senate President when I requested him for Educational Assistance. My letter was a personal appeal to the President from a distressed citizen.

The late President who really felt my needs for help endorsed my letter to the Secretary of Education then to the Director of Public Schools requesting for favorable action. But when the endorsement reached the office of Division Superintendent, Tagbilaran City, I was made to explain within 72 hours why I wrote to the President of the Philippines. I then stopped claiming the position and trusted everything to the will of God.

Presently I am assigned in Lila Central Elementary School, as a grade three teacher.

Discouragement continued pouring, when I suffered from pharyngitis. I requested for reduction of subject load considering my poor health. I was then advised by the doctor specialist in EENT to minimize talking. I presented a Medical Certificate to support my request but it was turned down. To fulfill my doctor’s advise, I then applied for the vacant item for Non-formal Education Coordinator which I believed will be more fitting to me since I will be relived from too much talking in the class.

However the principal denied my request. I was put down on some criteria which were very subjective.

Because of emotional stress, I developed hypertension and heart disease. I became rebellious. I didn’t want to mingle with friends. I wanted to go away from Lila Central Elementary School so I could not see people whom I hated. I wanted to fight for equality, fairness and justice among my fellow teachers. It was very difficult for me to accept the fact that I was outranked by an opponent whom I knew well since student days. I have completed academic requirements in Master of Arts majoring Administration and Supervision in Elementary Education, have twenty nine years experience. Civil Service Eligible, PPSTA Summer Scholar and a preacher of the Word of God in our parish. I realized then that my study leave for one year to finish my MA and a PPSTA Schoolar had no value at all to improve my teaching career.

EGT III, CAR M.A., DECS, Lila, Bohol / Written on December 1998

Source: Evan Gadon / TeacherPH Facebook Group

This happened few decades ago. She was appointed in the 60’s. This article, itself, was published 20 years ago.

And nakakalungkot, kung ano yung mga naranasan nya noon ay nangyayari pa rin sa panahon ngayon. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be teachers out there who could relate.

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