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Safety and Security of Children in School: Everybody’s Responsibility

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent”

Most of us only respond to a fatal situation rather than doing what is right and beneficial to school children. They need our protection and support as they are our hope and the next carrier of our culture and tradition.

Every sector of the community has roles to play for the safety and security of the school children. The pupils/students should adhere to school policies and rules which safeguard and promote their safety in school. The parents should maintain an open communication with the school administrator. The teacher must also coordinate with parents and the public safety providers like the police, fire officers, and the medical team. The medical unit should establish rapport with the school officials for whatever eventualities that may happen.

The school as an institution of learning primarily provides for the academic growth of the pupils/students along with the assurance of a safe guard learning environment. It must comply with the standards set by the Department of Education as to its physical plant and facilities. Unfortunately most school failed to comply with these standards which mean posting danger to the lives of the school children while in school,(Glariana,2015).

Nevertheless, school officials has taken all the measures to provide safety and security to the children through massive information campaign and disaster drills. After all, safety and security can be achieved through proper education, coordination and support from every sector of the community.

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Cresente E. Glariana

Cresente E. Glariana is a licensed teacher. He finished BEED at Bukidnon State University major in Music Arts and Physical Education. He is currently teaching at Taytayan Elementary School, Libertad District, Misamis Oriental.

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