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School Improvement Plan (SIP) Instructional Videos, Styleguide, Appraisal Process, and Quality Assessment Tool

In 2015, the Department of Education provided the minimum standard for the preparation of school improvement plan through DepEd Order 44, s. 2015. Under the current policy, the enhanced SIP has a three-year cycle which commenced in SY 2016-2017.

In preparation for the next cycle, the School Effectiveness Division – Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development (SED-BHROD) had conducted monitoring and evaluation on SIP implementation and collected feedback from the field on various issues and concerns affecting this policy. Among the issues that were raised include: unstandardized and highly variable training on SIP, absence of assessment tool that Schools Division Offices (SDOs) can use in appraising its quality, and insufficient information on the specific contents of the plan..

To continuously improve DepEd’s processes and policy, this Office hereby releases the following tools and references to further guide tire schools and SDOs in the preparation and appraisal of SIPs, respectively, for the next cycle:

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Instructional Videos, Styleguide, Appraisal Process, and Quality Assessment (QA) Tool

Instructional Videos

Reference materials that will facilitate the preparation of the next SIP cycle; this will guide the new school heads who were not included during the first run of training; and will enlighten further those previously trained but were still a bit confused with the process; these videos can be accessed from this link bit.ly/SIPVideos.


A simple and straightforward template that will guide schools in writing the SIP as a result of tire planning process provided in DO 44, s. 2015, which was conducted by the School-Community Planning Team (SPT).

Appraisal Process

The process that will guide the SDOs and schools in. the appraisal of SIPs. It contains steps, which the SDOs may customize to suit their specific needs.

Quality Assessment Tool

A standardized tool that will be used by the Schools Division Offices to assess the quality of tire School Improvement Plan (SIP). This tool does not intend to compare achievement of schools, but determines the degree of meeting the criteria of a good SIP.

The Styleguide, Appraisal Process, and Quality Assessment Tool earn be downloaded from this link bit.ly/QAToolandStyleguide.

For more information and inquiries, all concerned may communicate with BHROD-SED at bhrod.sed@deped.gov.ph or call 633-5397.

For appropriate action.

Appraisal of the School Improvement Plan (SIP)

After finalizing the SIP, the school shall now prepare for the submission of their SIP to the Division Appraisal Committee, which in turn will endorse to the Schools Division Superintendent for approval.

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Appraisal

Tine SIP appraisal is one major activity that shall be done by a committee who will look into the contents of the SIP to make sure that quality standards are met. While this committee is tasked to ensure the quality of the SIP, its major consideration is to look on the important parts rather than focus on the technical aspects, e.g. grammar, coherence, etc.

Tine Committee shall check on the accuracy of the data, consistency of the activities to the objectives of the plan, and how the school will implement the plan. It shall also take note of the technical assistance that would be provided to help the schools improve their SIPs.

Appraisal Committee

The committee who will appraise the SIP at the division level shall be called Division Appraisal Committee (DAC). The members of the DAC shall come from the Division Field Technical Assistance Team (DFTAT); if none, the members can be taken from the existing group that checks and reviews the SIPs of the schools.

For big divisions, the committee may contextualize the appraisal process to fit in their respective unique situations. Below is a suggested composition of the Committee:

a. Assistant Schools Division Superintendent

b. School Governance and Operations Division – Chief

c. Curriculum and Instruction Division – Chief

d. Public Schools Division Supervisor

e. Representative from Finance Division

f. Division SBM Coordinator

g. M&.E Focal Person/Planning Officer

Note: The composition of the team shall comprise of at least seven (7) members. It has the option to add more members as deemed necessary. If more members are added, make sure that the total number is still an odd number to prevent voting deadlocks.

Appraisal Process

Tine SIP appraisal shall be done using the SIP Quality Assessment (QA) Tool. This tool shall be used by DAC to check if the SIPs meet the quality standard. The DAC shall provide some points for improvements to further improve the SIP – which may be a section, chapter, or total revision. Specific revisions must be cited in the “remarks” column of the QA Tool to guide the school heads on the improvements that must be done in their respective SIPs. If none, words of appreciation must be written as well in the remarks column to inform the schools that they did a good job in crafting their SIPs.

Approval of the SIP

If the DAC approves the SIP, it shall submit the SIP to the SDS for approval and issuance of certificate of acceptance/ approval to the schools.

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Appraisal Process Flow

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Appraisal Process Flow
School Improvement Plan (SIP) Appraisal Process Flow

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Design Template

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Quality Assessment Tool

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) Quality Assessment Tool is a tool that you will use to assess the quality of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) based on the rubrics per characteristic The rubrics below will guide you in assessing whether the SIP meets quality standards. It does not intend to compare achievement of schools, but the degree of meeting the criteria of a good SIP; and it creates a common framework for assessing SIPs.


Please find the above titled document issued by the Office of Atty. Revsee A. Escobedo, Assistant Secretary for Project Management, BHROD and Field Operations through unnumbered Memorandum dated November 27, 2018.


2019 DepEd School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Updated School Improvement Plan Guidebook & Annexes

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