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Guidelines on the Functions of the School Research Committee (SRC)

Attached are the Guidelines on the Functions of the School Research Committee (SRC) Members that specifies the ten (10) salient points of the SRC members’ functions based on the provisions of DepEd Order No. 16, S. 2017 otherwise known as the “Research Management Guidelines or RMG”.

This will serve as a guide in the initial evaluation of action researches submitted by teacher-researchers at the school level before the school head endorses the same to the division office for approval and endorsement, if necessary, to the regional office for BERF facility.

Guidelines on the Functions of the School Research Committee Members

1. All members of the SRC should be aware of the provisions of DO # 16, S. 2017 entitled “Research Management Guidelines”.

2. Their primary function is to encourage their co-teachers to conduct Action Research until its submission to the division office.

3. Provide assistance to their co-teachers in writing action research following the format and guidelines provided in the Research Management Guidelines or RMG.

4. Upon the submission of a teacher’s action research proposal, they should ONLY be performing the following:

a. Check if the format done by the teacher is in conformity to the RMG;

b. Check the technical aspect of writing mechanics such as spelling, grammar, punctuations, etc.;

c. Check the completeness of the documentary requirements prescribed in the RMG. If found lacking a supporting document/s, provide the same and assist the teacher how to accomplish such; and

d. Endorse the Action Research to the principal for approval or for submission to the Division Office.

5. Participate actively in research-related activities in the division.

6. Attend consultative meetings as directed by the SDRC.

7. Uphold ethical standards of research at all times.

8. Work collaboratively with the Master teachers in their respective schools.

9. Inform the principal about the activities of the committee for his/her information.

10. Consult the Division Research Coordinator for unresolved issues related to research.

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