Guidelines and Requirements in the Conduct of Summer Classes

Pursuant to DepEd Order No.013, s. 2018, “Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of Remedial and Advancement Classes during Summer for the K 12 Basic education Program”. Private Elementary and Secondary Schools are mandated to secure approval on the Conduct of Summer Classes from the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS).

The conduct of remedial and advancement classes during summer shall last for six weeks from Mondays to Saturdays.

The preparation and submission of the requirements shall be one (1) month before its conduct of summer classes.

Below are the summer classes guidelines and application requirements.



  1. Letter of request to offer remedial or advancement classes during summer to the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS)
  2. List of students who will take up remedial or advancement classes.
  3. List of least mastered competencies of the learner on the subject area he/she failed to be prepared by the subject area teacher.
  4. Tentative list of learning area/s to be offered and schedule of classes approved by the School Head.
  5. Written consent of parents/guardians whose learners will attend summer classes.
  6. List of teachers and subjects that they will teach during summer classes
  7. School Fees for Summer Classes

A. Daily time allotment (DO No. 13, s. 2018) For Grades 4-10, the computation of the daily time allotment per learning area for 6-week period is based on the 180-day or 36 weeks non-negotiable contact time for teachers.

Learning AreaG4-6G7-10
Mother TongueNANA
Filipino4 hrs4 hrs
English4 hrs4 hrs
Science4 hrs4 hrs
Math4 hrs4 hrs
AP3 hrs3 hrs
EPP/TLE4 hrs4 hrs
MAPEH3hrs4 hrs
ESP2.5 hrs2 hrs

B. Senior high school for Grades 11-12, an 80- hour per subject for Core Curriculum Subjects, Applied Track Subjects and Specialized Subjects are allotted 2 hours per subject for 6- week period.

C. The school head/principal shall be responsible in identifying the expert teacher who will handle / teach one specific subject area during summer classes. Master Teachers or regular teachers are preferred to handle classes during summer.

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