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Today’s Model Teacher

The model teacher of today’s school, whether she is in a group or alone by herself, is easily recognized by “signs that never fail.” As gold always glitters wherever it is found, so does the model teacher shine at work, in play or in social gatherings.

She is a human transformer. She adjusts to the mental level of her pupils and talks to them in their own language.

She translates pupil’s behavior into learning situations. Out of their restlessness, mischiefs, complaints, inattention, bashfulness, indolence, dependence and bullying attitudes, she evolves through a careful study and interpretation of the widely divergent situations an effective way of sublimating and redirecting them to their proper channel.

The model teacher of today is a guide. She guides well because she has definite plan to execute. Her goals are specific, practical and easy to realize. She always clears away the how’s, why’s and if’s in the pupil’s mind before beginning her task.

The model teacher is patient. She takes pains in dealing with individual pupils who have different likes and dislikes, backgrounds, idiosyncrasies, aptitudes, beliefs and social status without a frown. She does not scold because scolding is repulsive, she does not nag because nagging is oppressive, she does not chastise because it breeds contempt, she does not punish because it is demoralizing, she does not shout because that is shocking. If her labors do not bear tangible results, she waits with hopeful expectations. She patiently retraces her steps to refine, replenish and polish her methods and techniques.

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The model teacher is cheerful. Cheerfulness brightens the classroom atmosphere and saturates the surroundings with high hopes. A happy teacher easily spurs her children to purposeful activities. Dejected souls awaken their misty minds, and scheming hands falter before a smiling teacher. Imagine how much can be done by a group of happy children with a cheerful, buoyant teacher.

The model teacher is true. She does not care whether or not she is supervised in her teaching and visited in her school, for the grain of truth in her impels her to work at her best. She prepares her lesson plans, boardwalk and teaching aids and thoroughly. School property is well taken care of economically. P.T.A. and government funds are safe for she dispenses them to whom they properly belong. Her reports are actually existent and accurately supported by primary source. Her work, not her watch is the timekeeper, for she ceases to work only when thoroughness is achieved.

She is not used to guise and pretentions. She speaks out her mind if by so doing, weak points are strengthened and block spots in the profession of which she is an honest part are washed away.

The model teacher is healthy. She is an embodiment of physical perfection. She maintains an enviable carriage and poise. Always vigorous and aggressive, she goes about her chores with ease and confidence. She is buoyant in spirit, fresh in looks and lively in action. She is health conscious and she transmits the same feeling to her children.

In all occasions, she is simply and neatly dressed, tidy and well-groomed. She is regular in attendance at every teachers’ affair.

The model teacher is a student. She keeps pace with the ever changing way of life.

She is progressive and resourceful. Her room structure, teaching technique, pupil activities, teaching aids, forms and how they are used, system of marking and promotion, grouping of pupils, program of activities and treatment if individual differences are all infallible signs of continuous ready with understanding.

She attends summer classes regularly for educational advancement. She has the notion that she is never too old to learn, given the right incentive.

The model teacher is a good Christian. She leads a way of life based on love and respect for her fellowmen. Her social relationship is regulated by her consistent adherence to the golden rule: “Do unto others what you would want others do unto you.”

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