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Transcript of PNP-SAF OIC Noli Taliño's eulogy for the Fallen 44

Below is the full transcript of Philippine National Police-Special Action Force officer-in-charge Chief Supt. Noli Taliño’s eulogy at the necrological service for the elite policemen killed in the Mamasapano clash.

OIC Police Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina, AFP officers and men headed by General Gregorio Katapang, former SAF commanders and directors, SAF troopers and former SAF troopers, our counterparts, sa mga naulilang pamilya ng ating mga bayaning pulis, sa ating mga labing-apat na sugatang magiting — nandiyan na po sila — ladies and gentlemen, magandang tanghali po sa inyong lahat.

Sa ngalan ng buong pangkat ng Special Action Force, ako ay nakikiramay sa mga pamilya ng 44 na magigiting na mandirigma na nasawi sa pakikipaglaban sa mga masasamang elemento sa Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

Sa mga naulila, ang inyong mga kaanak, kapatid, asawa, o anak na nasawi ay maituturing na mga bayani at maipagmamalaki ng unit na ito, ang Special Action Force, at ng buong bansa sa kanilang kontribusyon sa pagpapatupad ng batas at pagpapanatili ng kapayapaan sa ating bansa.

Sila na yung ating mga bayani sa Zamboanga City during the Zamboanga Siege in September 2013. Masasabi ko po na sila ay napakalaking kawalan sa hanay ng pulisya.

During that fateful day when Oplan Exodus was launched against Jemaah Islamiyah international terrorist named Zulkifli bin Hir, also know as Marwan — and we call him Mike One — the main effort One, composed of the members the 84th SAC, or the Speacial Action Company, seaborne, sneaked in to their target unnoticed.

Everybody at the TCP or Tactical Command Post was so tense until such time that we received a text message from the operating troops stating “Mike One, bingo”. A joyful moment was felt knowing that the mission was accomplished. And I clearly heard Police Dir. Getulio Napeñas, “Para sa inyo ito,” meaning, “Para sa bayan.”

Palagi niya sinasabi bago ang operasyon, “Sino ang gagawa kung walang gagawa?” And we did it.

However, during the extraction of troops from the area of operation, they were caught by the breaking of dawn and they had noticed that enemies from a distance were gathering and establishing positions. I, together with General Napeñas and other staff were there at the tactical command post and we were helping each other out thinking on how we could extract the troops who were already engaging the enemies.

I remembered the voice of the radioman of 55th SAC. The main effort too that was pinned down early in the morning and then keep on asking where the support elements are.

He didn’t notice the swelling armed men around them and now asking for reinforcement as early as 7 o’clock in the morning. The support elements could not get in because 55th SAC was practically surrounded. We did send the reinforcements from different approaches, but could not penetrate the bulk of the enemies until about 1 p.m., when that voice was nowhere to be heard. There was a radio silence, very long silence.

After the battle, I realized, that that voice will never be heard again. And I know that voice belonged to Ryan, or Senior Inspector Ryan Pabalinas.

I felt guilty, and I’m sure we have the same feeling with General Napeñas about what happened, and it seems our efforts are not enough to extend the help that they have asked for, but we did our best.

Is it worth it? One international terrorist, equivalent to 44 SAF troopers? I am sure, if you will ask them, it is worth it. Dahil mas maraming buhay and maisasalba at maililigtas nung nawala si Marwan.

And we live by our motto: Tagaligtas. On that moment of sorrow I was stunned by the encouraging quote sent to me by our pastor, Pastor Oliver Lee, and I quote: “People are always ready to encourage you to give up. Life is too difficult, they say, life is not fair. It hurts too much. But such advice fails into account the omnipotent hand of God. Even though we may not understand why painful and discouraging events happen in our lives, we have the assurance that God has his reasons. Good reasons. Don’t allow anyone to talk to you into quitting even though our trials may throw you for a loss. Time after time, you can have the confidence that God is still in control. Don’t quit. Trust Him and keep on going. A day is coming when you’ll be glad you did. When you give up on yourself you give up on God.”

Eto rin ang maaring dahilan kung bakit nakaligtas sa tiyak na kapahamakan si PO2 Christpher Lalan. Siya ay nag-iisang survivor galing sa grupo ng ating 55th special action company. If you will just hear his story, it’s really like the movie “Lone Survivor.”

Ayon sa kaniya, pinatindi niya ang kanyang panalangin sa mga oras na sila ay nakikipagbakbakan sa mga kalaban. sa mga pagkakataon na iyon, inisip niya na kailangan niyang mabuhay para sa kanyang anak at pamilya. At sigurado ako ganun din sa lahat ng tropa na kasama sa operasyon kabilang itong mga 44 na namatay at ang ating mga sugatang magiting.

Mangyaring tumayo kayo under Sr. Insp. Rex Villareal.

To the families of our fallen comrades: Don’t quit, don’t give up. To the SAF troopers, let us not quit, let us not give up. Let us continue the fight. Ngayon, we request, for the 44 gallant men of SAF, tulungan po natin sila, let us take care, help, and protect their families. Let us also take care and protect the special action force.

Sabi ni General Napeñas, SAF is an organization where good men gather and are always ready to serve. God, country, people, and organization. General Napeñas is a good man, he’s a good leader. We thank him for giving SAF the much-needed leadership. Sana maayos lahat, at makabalik siya.

Our men in the field are our cutting edge. I encourage everyone to visit and talk to our men in the field.

At this point, nais kong pasalamatan ang lahat ng tumutulong at nakikiramay sa pamilya ng ating mga bayaning pulis, ang buong kapulisan sa pamumuno ng officer-in-charge, Philippine National Police Deputy Dir. Gen. Leonardo Espina, ang ating Secretary for Interior and Local Government,Hon. Mar Roxas, at higit sa lahat, ang ating mahal na Pangulo, His Excellency, Benigno Aquino II. Marami pong salamat at sa lahat ng tulong na patuloy na dumarating sa mga naulila ng ating mga bayaning pulis.

Before I bid adieu to these 44 brave men, I would like to cite a quote, siguro nabasa niyo na diyan sa likod, that will encourage their beloved families, friends, and fellow comrades.

And I quote: “While you enjoy the laughter of family and friends, and the safety and comfort of your homes, there are men and women who sacrifice time, effort, and their very lives in the fulfillment of their jobs and duties to give you normalcy. These are the men and women in the Special Action Force, dedicated officers, dedicated troopers who know how to die.”

Mark Anthony Llego

Mark Anthony Llego, hailing from the Philippines, has made a profound impact on the teaching profession by enabling thousands of teachers nationwide to access crucial information and engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas. His contributions have significantly enhanced their instructional and supervisory capabilities, elevating the quality of education in the Philippines. Beyond his domestic influence, Mark's insightful articles on teaching have garnered international recognition, being featured on highly respected educational websites in the United States. As an agent of change, he continues to empower teachers, both locally and internationally, to excel in their roles and make a lasting difference in the lives of their students, serving as a shining example of the transformative power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the teaching community.

6 thoughts on “Transcript of PNP-SAF OIC Noli Taliño's eulogy for the Fallen 44”

  1. Just read that Mr. Aquino has ordered the filing of raps against the MILF and other groups involved in the slaughter of the SAF 44. My two-cents worth: I believe in filing charges against those involved, but as individuals, not as an organization. Charging the organization tantamount to admitting that it was the MILF’s intention to slaughter the SAF contingent. This remains to be proven. Accounts do say that a command to cease fire was allegedly given, which some in the MILF followed and some deliberately ignored. Charging the MILF as an organization also passes the blame on the MILF and not those in the halls of power who, quite stupidly, led the young men to the slaughter. As if it was the MILF’s intention all along to kill the SAF officers. An independent investigation is needed to prove that. It would take a long while to pinpoint who actually pulled the triggers, that’s a given. Both SAF and the MILF lost lives that day, and these deaths would not have happened if the officials behind the operations knew what they were doing. As a sign of good faith, the MILF must surrender the guilty. And for the record, charges should also be filed against those in government who gave the nod.

  2. 1 international terrorist = 44 SAF who died? No, the equation misses so many things. If the mission succeeded, it would have ALSO included on the benefits side: (1) the president’s bragging rights to the international community and the media; (2) brownie points from Uncle Sam; (3) a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, maybe even the actual Prize; and (4) the presidential glow of glory that gets transmitted to his blessing the administration’s Presidential bet in 2016. You see, this whole enterprise smacks of MORAL HAZARD (defined as the adverse incentives that push a person, i.e., PNoy, to decide contrary to what he would otherwise do under normal circumstances). In Barbara Tuchman’s analysis of history, such moral hazard often leads to FOLLY. (PNoy got blinded by the phantom benefits and he undervalued the costs, which led to the disaster.)

  3. It’s undeniable that what happened was really a “Massacre”. Naghuhugas kamay lang talaga ang mga MILFs and BIFFs para hindi sila makulong at si Pres. PNoy naman para hindi sya ma-impeach at makasama ding makulong para madagdagan na ang listahan ng mga presidenteng nakulong at maging pangatlo sya. According to some reports even some Mamasapano residents shot these gallant policemen. Bullets were everywhere, bullets were in all three directions, sino ba ang makakasurvive sa ganitong situation? Ayaw ko sanang i-include sa comment ko for my security din ito, pero may mga kamag-anak ako na mga sundalo at pulis sa Mindanao at sabi nila na hindi talaga mapagkakatiwalaan ang mga rebelde at sila palagi ang sumisira sa kapayapaan sa Mindanao. It will be difficult to know who the perpetrators are because these rebel groups although different factions, they have a tight-knit society and more amazing is they live together, some even are relatives. Even the wife of “Marwan” is a Filipina who might have an MILF father or brothers. Ang iba pang rebelde ginagamit ang relihiyon ng Islam para makakuha ng sympathy sa mga naniniwala sa Islam. But, No Religion teaches its people to kill anyone! So, who would surrender his own relative? Nobody, right? Much more, it’s unequivocal NO to BBL because we can not negotiate with these kind of lawless people! What the government should do is to imprison them all criminals, all rebels and true PEACE will be ACHIEVED! PAX ROMANA as you say in Latin means peace achieved through lawful control of people preventing crimes to exist. We do not want lawless elements to exist, do we? So, action must be taken by arresting all of them and justice will be served. NO more LAWLESS ELEMENTS equates to PEACE! Peace be with you! Paki-share sa lahat if you think may sense ang comment ko.

  4. Is it worth it? I guess if we meant the reward money, if given to the families of slain and wounded victims, can somehow secured their future. But for the families of the slain SAF have already expressed what they felt that no amount can compensate with the lost lives of their loved ones. Will the alleged death of Marwan now at least decrease the hostilities and terroristic activities of the rebels? We all hope so…..but…..

  5. Police Director Getulio Napenas keeps comparing the Mamasapano SAF operation to take Marwan and Usman to the Pakistani SEAL operation to take Bin Laden. This is where LOGIC utterly failed him, for the two are VASTLY different. (1) The Bin Laden operation was purely American. No Pakistanis were involved. In contrast, the Marwan/Usman operation was purely Filipino – they “used” us, sad to say. No American was involved. (2) In Pakistan, there were no separatist elements of MNLF, MILF, BIFF. They were all Muslims. In contrast, the Marwan/Usman operation was thickly overlain with layers of other issues: separatism, Christian/Muslim discord, the ongoing peace process, American “shadowy” presence. (3) The Bin Laden operation was a “lean and mean” SEAL surgical air-strike operation, with a fine air-power cover in case things turn awry. In contrast, the Marwan/Usman operation was an obese and clunky operation (more than 50 land-based foot soldiers) with no land cover as the army was not informed, and no air-power cover. So, Director Napenas – and President Aquino – if you only used your brain a little more, you would have realized that your Bin Laden model cannot be implemented in Mamasapano, with minimum fatalities. And I am not even a military tactician!

  6. To the families of our fallen heroes: Words seem so inadequate to express our profound sadness at your loss. We only hope you can find a small bit of comfort in knowing that the Filipino people will never forget the sacrifice your family has made.May this nation never forget the sacrifices made for freedom.From our family to yours,we are sending you thousands of hugs and prayers. RIP brave men!


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