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Useful Tricks in Writing an Essay for Students

Writing essays is probably one of the trickiest parts of being a student. You may have a great understanding of the subject and know it inside and out, but if you can’t communicate that understanding onto paper, then how is your tutor or teacher supposed to know that you have comprehended the aspects of the task and conveyed an adequate or excellent sense of what to do? They won’t know, that’s the answer! And they will mark you down if they can’t read in your answer that you have got it!

But how does one improve their ability to write in a legible and understandable style? You can’t just say write my essay to someone. You need to write in a way that can be understood by a large swathe of people, so whoever reads it will know that the writers head is definitely screwed on! Essays are in no way easy, and although there is no way around actually writing an essay, there are definitely a few tips and tricks, that when learnt, allow the writer to breeze past some aspects that they would have found more challenging before. It’s just about knowing them and implementing them when you can. As well as focusing extremely hard and maintaining a certain amount of determination. Would you like to what exactly to do to enable you to write your essays a lot easier? Well only if you thank us when you start to get top marks! Deal? Okay then, let’s go!

1. Short sentences

This may sound counter-productive, but it’s a sure-fire way to improve anyone else’s understanding of your work. A lot of the time, when you read a book that is incredibly wordy or complex, your focus starts to drift from where it should be. You find you really have to focus hard in order to stop yourself from getting distracted at all. You may have experienced this while reading a particularly long book or something. Well, think about it. Examiners have to read through a multitude of papers. Some days they might be reading through 20, other days it could be nearer 100 papers. So they can be forgiven for wanting to read something that sparks their interest. This is where the use of short sentences comes in. Now, I’m in no way saying that you should use only short sentences, if you need a complex sentence to enable you to describe something that is difficult to put into words, then by all means use a long sentence! But short sentences keep readers on their toes. You talk about one thing. And then, move on. And move on again. You don’t stop. They will understand better. The sentences are short. They are easy to read. Every now and again you can chuck in a longer one where you let your grammar and vocabulary loose. But always bring it back to brief, succinct sentences.

2. Get Support

So many students out there think that it’s some sort of criminal act to get support on your essay. This is definitely not true, some of the greatest thinkers in the world wouldn’t be where they are today without some means of help and support. You shouldn’t treat your work any different. But where can you get this help from? Well you can go to your friends or family! Try and give them a task that they might find a bit less taxing. You could ask them to keep an eye on your spelling, so if your spelling slips at any point, they will be able to notify you and you can amend it. They could take a look at your structure too. You could also get help from a source online, there are lots of really amazing resources including sites where an expert will act as y our companion, guiding you through the subject you are doing with patience and understanding of your abilities. Wherever you find your support, just remember that you are not cheating, just enabling yourself to see your work from another perspective!

There really isn’t any sort of magic formula when it comes to writing an essay. Really all you need to do it is a huge amount of determination, focus and concentration. But, as you can see above there are definitely little tricks that you can learn in order to make the ordeal of writing an essay a whole lot easier. As long as you keep focused throughout your writing and implement these tricks as and when you can, you’ll do fantastically!

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