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When the LET March 2015 results were out

I thought the results will be out on May 15th, Friday, because it was the target date of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as indicated in the Schedule of Examinations 2015 but there were no results still. I joined a Facebook group to check for updates but just like them, they were looking for the same thing too. I liked the Facebook page of Sir Carl E. Balita and other pages about Licensure Examination for Teachers and so far, I got a few information. They said it will be May 22nd and others said May 29th or in the first week of June and I was confused of what date to believe in! I prayed that hopefully, it will be on May 22nd, Friday.


I checked from time to time the page of Sir Carl for updates and he posted on May 21st, Thursday, pictures with the words ‘teachers’ and ‘tomorrow’. It was a quote and it emphasized those two words and I was thrilled! May 22 is the date. I can’t sleep and I was overthinking. I had a lot of “What ifs…” but I chose to think that I can see my name on the list of successful examinees or even in the Top 10! I was in our province with my family to celebrate with our relatives the barangay fiesta. Every day, I kept checking the PRC website. I felt like any time, in a matter of seconds, the results will be out.

Losing hope

May 22nd, the date every LET March 2015 examinee hoped for to see their names and count me in. I don’t understand what I felt. It was like my future is at stake! I tried my best to think positively that God will never fail me! I did my  best and He knows my intentions why I want to achieve it. On that day, the same routine, I kept checking the website. Morning, afternoon, evening, and dawn, yes, I was so excited to see the result and to end all the waiting. The day ended and I was losing hope. I said to myself “Maybe tomorrow, God will surprise me.” I decided to stop thinking about it so I can enjoy the activities in the province.

God’s surprise

I woke up around 9:30 in the morning, May 23rd and it was a Saturday. I checked  the PRC website hoping again that it will be the day. To my surprise, THE RESULTS WERE OUT after 38 working days! My heart was beating fast and I was shaking! I clicked the Top 10 for Elementary Level link to see if I made it to the top and it took a while to load and surprisingly, my name is not on the list but a friend of mine made it to the 10th spot! I don’t understand what I felt that time. I was shaking even more because what if my name is not in the list of passers? I was hurt when my goal of topping the board exam did not happen. I was nervous and I was thinking twice if I should check right away the List of Passers but I have to do so. I checked it and my phone was so slow to load the names beginning in ‘G’. The names appeared. I scrolled it down and with God’s grace, I SAW MY NAME! Yes, I PASSED THE BOARD EXAM IN ONE TAKE! If I was hurt when I found out that I didn’t top the board exam, I felt so happy and grateful to God because it is already a big blessing to pass! I am so proud to tell it to my relatives that out of the 44,144 LET takers, I am one of the 12,103 who passed and I’m also one of the 5,607 first timers who made it! Glory to God! I can’t believe it at first so I kept re-checking it and it is true! #5438 and then my name! Just wow! God heard my prayers. It is worth the wait!

Professional is the label

I am now a PROFESSIONAL TEACHER! I am so proud that I want to shout it to the entire world not just in my Facebook wall and Instagram account. I made it because of my faith in God and though I felt hopeless and tired, I chose and will choose to trust Him for I know He is in control of everything. This is the greatest achievement so far knowing that becoming a professional will help me in the future and our family. I am recognized by the state as a teacher who can teach its youth. Thank You, God, for this early birthday gift and to Jesus Christ our Savior, I am who I am today because of Your grace! To Blessed Mother Mary and all the saints with our angels, thank You so much! I will not waste this opportunity and I will give justice to this profession. God bless all teachers!

LET rating and an answered prayer

A few days after the results were released online, the LET examinees can check their rating in General Education and Professional Education. It was on May 26th in the afternoon when I was able to see my rating and I was surprised! I can’t believe that I almost top the exam! I only missed one point! My friend who is in the 10th spot has an over-all rating of 86.40 but I got 85.40! If PRC will make a Top 15 list then possibly, I will be in the 12th spot. God gave me what I deserve! Thank You so much, Almighty Father! My heart is full of praises! Though I only reviewed on my own but with a help also of our review center and a LET review book, I got a very good grade that will surely help me when I apply in a public school. Pray with all your heart and God will surely bless your plans! Trust in God, trust in Jesus Christ! Pray to our Blessed Mother Mary, to the saints and to your angels for guidance.

Be thankful even if things did not happen the way you want them to be

Though I did not top the LET but I am thankful that I made it in one take. His plans are for our good! Maybe now we don’t understand it but in time,  we will as long as we seek God and believe in His promises. Jeremiah 29:11 “11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” It’s normal if you feel sad but always remember that He is near to those who are in pain. Take the opportunity for Him to heal you. Keep praying. I know that you can do it. You can conquer the exam! All things are possible with God! Do not be afraid to try again. This time, learn from what you think that’s not working. Go on with a big faith in Him!

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Jhonnder Genobesa

I’m Jhonnder L. Genobesa, a Professional Elementary Teacher and an alumnus of Cebu Normal University. I’m working as an online ESL Teacher for now but next year, I will do my best to enter the gates of private school teaching then public school teaching. I learned to love teaching through the help of God above all, my teachers, friends, family, and my students. Truly, Teaching is the noblest profession!

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