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LET March 2015 Journey

Last March 29, 2015, I was one of the examinees who took up the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

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It was on a Sunday, a Palm Sunday to be specific. Before the big day, I can’t sleep comfortably because I felt nervous which is normal and I can’t help but think of the questions in General Education and Professional Education which are the parts of the exam for Elementary Level. I managed to sleep for two hours or three. On the day of the exam, I tried to relax myself and it was not easy. A lot of things were on my mind.

I was supposed to be a LET August 2014 examinee

I planned to take the LET August of last year but I was not able to prepare ahead the requirements particularly my TOR which takes a month to be processed because I kept on thinking of doing it tomorrow but it doesn’t happen in other words, I procrastinate. The exam was moved from July to August because of an Iglesia ni Cristo event but I decided to take the exam in March 2015 since my requirements were incomplete though I really want to take it but I was not confident if I can achieve my goal which is to TOP the LET. I remember my friend who texted me that I can still catch up with the application but I was not ready that time, totally. I have to give up my review classes because I was working and I have conflicting schedules. It was difficult for me since it was my sister who paid for my review classes. I decided to work because I don’t want to be labeled as ‘tambay’ and I want to prove to my family that I can support them through my own efforts. I know that I’ve let them feel disappointed and some of my classmates who have expectations from me but we can’t just bring back the time and by this, I learned to do things as early as they should be done.

Months of Inferiority Complex

October 27, 2014 when the results were released online. I woke up from my sleep when I heard the sound of a Facebook notification. It pops and pops and pops! That’s the time when my News Feed was flooded with a joyful greeting of ‘Congratulations’. I felt happy for them. Most of my classmates passed the exam! God heard our prayers! But when I realized that they’ve conquered the exam already, I felt left behind. I compared myself to them which is a big NO! I became bitter at some situations. I tried to divert my attention and focused on my own when it’s my turn to take the exam. My faith in God helped me not to deal with unhealthy feelings of jealousy, bitterness, and inferiority though sometimes, the feeling comes back again but I think of His goodness and I know He will not leave me even if I am at my lowest. He is a God of restoration! Always believe that He is with you in achieving your goals.

Self-review and the challenges

I bought a reviewer for the LET exam and I also compiled my test papers and notes in college. This time, I set myself for a self-review. It was not easy to start reviewing on my own. There were times in a month that I haven’t reviewed for a week or two. I also re-read topics because the first time I read them, I didn’t understand. I have a lot of plans but only a few were done. To review on my own was a big challenge! Distraction is everywhere and we have Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and a lot of websites that will ruin the plan. I even deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts so I will be focused but after a day or two, I reactivated them. I was struggling but I am not thinking of failing. I know that I can do it! No matter what the challenges were, I still believe in myself! My faith in God and how I believe my skills motivate me to keep the right attitude that failure is not an option! I resigned from my job so I can focus in my review even if I only have three months to thoroughly prepare! Having no job, I faced a lot of financial challenges since I help my parents in paying the bills and the house we are renting. I thought of coming back to work again but my resignation is already effective so I processed my final pay. I applied in some companies and even in a hospital but I was not hired. I made it to one BPO company, but I did not pursue it because it will surely affect my review. So decision-making those times were unwise if I have to work to help my family because we are financially struggling or devote my time and focus in my review but I chose to what can surely help us in the future which is to review in order for me to become a licensed teacher and land a good job in a public school with God’s grace.

You have two options: TOP the LET or PASS the LET

When I still have my review classes in a college-based review program for LET takers, our associate dean wants to gauge if which subject we are weak at either in General Education or Professional Education or both. They administered a diagnostic exam to 400+ reviewees. Out from the 400+ reviewees, they will select the top-performers in General Education and Professional Education. When we were oriented about it, I said to myself that I should be able to land in the top spot in order for me to assess my knowledge if I can top the real LET exam so the day we took the exam, I read the questions carefully and I re-read it but I was mindful of the time allotted. I think twice of my answers if it’s the correct one and I pray, the most important thing for God to bless my plans. Weeks after the exam, I just found out that I ranked 68th among the Top 177 Top-performing Examinees in General Education and I ranked 9th in Professional Education among the Top-performing Examinees in Professional Education. I was surprised and I can’t believe it. There is a great chance for me to top the LET! From that overwhelming news, I realized that I have two options which are to top the LET or pass the LET. You have to believe that you can! Again, failure is not an option! Always ask God to bless your plans.

Inspiration is around the corner

If you want to achieve something, you need the inspiration for you to be determined in going beyond your limits. Since I want to top the LET, I read stories of the previous LET topnotchers and reflect on what I can do to be one. Their stories helped me understand the challenges I was dealing with when I had my self-review. Their stories also tell how they’ve worked with God and still working with Him, now that they are licensed teachers as they submit their desires to Him since we have a God of all possibilities no matter who you are and where you come from! Be inspired and be patient in looking for an inspiration. It doesn’t have to be a person, it can be your advocacy for a quality education!

Waiting means trusting God Who’s at work

I can say that I am not patient enough to wait. When I can feel that the results are positive, I get excited and I can’t help to think of it everyday because I want to know how capable I am of achieving good results. To wait for the LET results take a lot of patience but what if your patience is losing each day? This is the time when You have to lift everything to God. I know God is in control but I feel it in my situation now while waiting. It is nearly 2 months of waiting but I am still hopeful that one day, He will just surprise me. So, trust Him for He is in control of everything. Trusting God follows a process. You have to pray with all your heart. You have to tell your intentions why you want to achieve that goal. You have to read your bible so you will know how He fulfills His promises to those who believe in Him. We really need to trust Him because He is working for our future. He knows the best for us in this journey.

Be prepared and accept willingly His plans for you

God answers our prayers in a lot of ways and some of those, we perceived as a ‘no’ from Him which we failed to understand as a redirection. Yes, He redirects our paths when He sees something is better than our choice. He knows us, every detail of us. Maybe now, we will not be able to realize how He has been helping us but later on, we will be praising Him to how he redirected us from negative experiences. God wants us to know that He is with us and His plans are better than ours. It doesn’t mean if you will not pass the LET, you will not try again and give up your dream of becoming a teacher. God has His timetable for all of us. We have to pray for Him to bless whatever plans we have in the future. He is kind, He is loving and He can turn things around positively! Continue to pray and ask His guidance in the things you do.

Days from now, I will find out if I have successfully made it to the list of passers in the Licesure Examination for Teachers March 2015. I am hoping that I will make it to the top but to pass is already a big blessing. To all takers, we can make it happen through God! To you who will take the exam in the future, do your best and He will surely do the rest! I hope to hear your LET journey soon! God bless!

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Jhonnder Genobesa

I’m Jhonnder L. Genobesa, a Professional Elementary Teacher and an alumnus of Cebu Normal University. I’m working as an online ESL Teacher for now but next year, I will do my best to enter the gates of private school teaching then public school teaching. I learned to love teaching through the help of God above all, my teachers, friends, family, and my students. Truly, Teaching is the noblest profession!

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  1. Hello congratulations 🙂 let me just ask where one can check his or her ranking on the march2015 exam because i only see the list of top10 passers online.thanks a lot!


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