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2015 Results of Principals’ Test: An Eye Opener

An open letter to Bro. Armin Luistro, Secretary of the Department of Education

Secretary of Education
2/F Department of Education Building, DepEd, Meralco Avenue
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Dear Secretary Luistro,

Greetings from all of us in the Group of 140, a collective name we assign to ourselves. We hope this letter finds you in good condition.

As you are aware, the results of the National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH, or the Principals’ Test) were recently released. We were happy that we passed the hurdle rate of 140 points, but not happy enough because we are not qualified to be in the pool of candidates for principals, according to the second criterion of 68% cut-off score in all domains.

We were greatly surprised to know of such criterion because we were not informed of the same before we took the exam. We are not aware of any communication or material notifying us in advance of the major changes that will be applied in the computation of our scores and the determination of passers. We trusted that neither DepEd nor the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) will abruptly implement any rule that will impact the candidates unfairly.

Honorable Secretary, the first time that we knew of these major changes to the NQESH was when we read Department Memorandum 11 dated January 21, 2016, which was the same date that we were informed of the results and-we wish to stress-three months after we took the exam. The NEAP gave no indication at all, in all its announcements about the exam including its two postponements, that it was planning to effect major changes in the guidelines it has been implementing since 2009. Needless to say, all examinees relied on NEAP to use these old guidelines (Percentile 90 computation, without particular regard to the separate domains).

We likewise convey to the Honorable Secretary of the situation made even more critical after the 2015 NQESH. Despite the fact that there are many who could be considered as qualified to serve as principals, there is a shortage of principals in our public schools – a dire condition “addressed” by the designation of Teachers-in-Charge, who are made to serve the functions of Principals yet receive only the salary of their current items (Head Teachers, Teachers III, etcs.). Many of us in the Group of 140 speak from experience when we say that this so-called solution is unjust and disadvantageous not only to us as education professionals but also to the entire public school system. After the release of the NQESH results, we are faced with many divisions with just one or a few passers each; entire regions have only a handful of passers who could be appointed as principals for their many schools (ARMM has only six passers).

With this, we appeal to you to consider only the cut-off score of 140. We believe that this will not yield any disadvantage to the education system. Rather, this move is reasonable and equitable decision that will enlarge the pool of principal-candidates from which the DepEd can choose. This assures you that we are equally capable and dedicated educators and will persevere to bring out students to greater heights.

We sincerely believe in your prudent and fair understanding of our plight. We hope for your favourable consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Group of 140

As part of our plea, we are reaching out to the concerned educators to help us in raising fund to cover the attorney’s fee. With your financial aid we can make greater changes for the betterment of the educational system. To anyone who would like to be part of this, please make your donations or set up sponsorship pledge by contacting this number: 09438208240. Thank you and God bless!

April 17, 2016 Update:

To all Principal’s Test takers 2015, within this week, we are going to file our case. Please continue supporting us. Thank you!

Law Firm of Casauay Coloma Francisco Estrellado & Associates
Law Firm of Casauay Coloma Francisco Estrellado & Associates

May 19, 2016 Update:

Tentative date of our hearing with regards to our petition in the Principal’s Test results will be on May 27, 2016, Come and let us join in witnessing the historical battle for change.

May 24, 2016 Update:

Informing everyone that our first hearing regarding our petition against DepEd is set on May 27, 2016, Friday 1:30 Pm at RTC Pasig, we are requesting those concerned to please attend and witness the historical journey for change in our beloved institution.We are asking for your financial support, we cannot continue this battle without your help…Thank you

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20 thoughts on “2015 Results of Principals’ Test: An Eye Opener”

  1. I am happy knowing that there is an ongoing protest against NEAP before the Court. 2015 PT takers were judged unfairly.There is no rule in the world of any qualifying examination laying down the criteria after the test but NEAP. The Group of 140 deserves consideration and justice. May the good Lord helps us all to succeed.

    • madelle says;
      How is our plea? any development? may the good Lord grant our request,,,we can also do what the principals do…or even better than others…not to mention names,,,,

  2. I failed in the CICP – an unimaginably 1 point short from the minimum required 7 out of 11 points which I believe that if only we were informed of such cut-off requirements I might have taken the examination with extra care. But considering the item distribution of all 7 domains, it is by all means a thing which contradicts every aspect of what we call a quality assessment tool and therefore cannot be a reliable tool for determining able school administrator-to-be.
    I think the NEAP people, with all due respect, should review carefully the 2015 test result and try to make a comparison with the previous results. The previous examinations were most examinees got menial scores in leadership and management were able to score high in the communication skills- a thing which made them pass the exams.

  3. I am Dominador C. Buya Jr. from the Division of Lanao del Norte. I also got 149 from the NQESH 2015. I am very happy with the move and hope that our request will be granted. Thanks

  4. Untill now I could not move on about the result. I got 152 in RS. Unfortunately i am 1 point below the required point in school leadership. Hopefully the NEAP will give us fair treatment in this cause. thank you.

  5. I took the same examination in January, 2013 but I never saw my name in the results. Whether I passed or failed does not matter but I believe I have every right to know what happened to my papers as I paid for that examination. I hope you can correct these malpractices.
    I am supporting your cause.
    Thank you and God bless.

    • Yes, we’re the same in case, my raw score is 155. I did’nt met also the recquired points in one domain only with 2 points only in School Leadership. I felt so very disappointed. Hoping that our DepEd Secretary will consider our plea. God bless for leading this noble act. Thank you.

      • Yesterday, May 23, 2016 I got my COR and surprised to see my rating which is 165.My raw score ranked 3rd in the Division ranking; 1st is 168 and 2nd is 166. What frustrated me is the fact that I did not pass because I only got 6 under Community Involvement domain, 1 point less of the 68% cut-off which is 7. What is even frustrating is the fact that there are those with only 142 and 143 RS who passed. Does this mean that they deserve to be given the principal item position than one who has even exceeded the cut off ratings in six other domains, but missed only 1 point in one domain? I really feel dispirited.

  6. Kung maaalala niyo po, 2009, nang ipasa sa NEAP ang structuring ng Principal’s Test, aminado ang test takers na mahirap po itong ipasa. The passing score is placed at 90 percentile (170 items). Within 5 years (2009-2013), 9.55% lang ang passers. Opo, napakakonti. Last year, 11.81% ng test takers ang pumasa. Lumevel-up, ika nga. Sa Division po namin, 100% ng NQESH passers ay may Principal item na. Our SDS even invited qualified applicants from other divisions to join the ranking for P-I position. Pero within our region, marami pang hindi nabibigyan ng item, kasi walang vacant. I don’t know with the other regions.

    How many % of the total test takers represent Group 140? I’m thinking at least a quarter. Ngayon, ilan ba ang vacant principal positions ang vacant sa division niyo?

    I mean, it’s just an application of the Law of Demand and Supply.

    Sabagay pwede namang mag RECLA, pero on a personal note, napakataas ng standards ng reclassification for school heads. Dami ng pinaasa ang recla.

    Di naman ako kontra sa plea ng Group 140 na i-disregard ang 68% cut-off score to all domains. Let’s go back to cut-off score by percentile. Pero, this is my challenge, balik din sa 90. Payag ba kayo?

  7. In my case, my raw score is 151. I did not met the required points in 1 domain only with a difference of 1 point. I was so disappointed. Hoping that our DepEd Secretary will consider our plea. God bless for leading this noble act and Mabuhay tayong lahat.

  8. Besides the questions in the test are not identified as to what domain it is. So we really thought that as long as we passed the passing score that’s it. We are really surprised about the cut off score per domain. Please Honorable secretary consider the more than passing score we got. Thanks a lot and mabuhay po kayo!

  9. I am Agnes C. Dumalagan from Caraga Region my score is more than 5 from the passing score.Unfortunately I did I lack 2 points for School Leadership and another 2 points for School Management and Operations. I am really disappointed to know about the cut score by domain because we are not aware of that policy. We appeal that our passing score will be enough that we passed the Test.

  10. I would be very happy if the Group of 140’s plea be given an ear and the results of the NQESH 2015 be revised to include them. I have two such friends. In fact they scored more than 140. They just didn’t pass in one domain.

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    • Please I would like to know if my name belongs to the 140 in the list. My total score in the 2015 test is 145. the passing score is 140. I thought I passed.

      • I am from region VIII have been teaching for 21 yrs and have been assigned as TIC in a multigrade school in a far flung school for four years now. I worked all the reports exactly the same as what a principal is doing and at the same time handled kindergarten classes since 2011. So burden in my part. I am about to give up my TIC position and decided to apply again in the central school where i was previously assigned as a grade six teacher handling the pilot section for 13 yrs because there was no promotion given. My ERF for HT-I was approved since 2010 hindi ako nagdalawang isip na tanggapin ang offer to be a TIC kasi nga i was expecting na ma promote ako. I was so depressed because only my work load and my financial expenses had increased since i was travelling far from my home. I spent 150 a day for my fare. Only after the result of the 2015 principal’s test that my attention was called by our division superintendent informing me that i will be given an HT-I item since i was 1 of the 162 passers of the 1,080 test takers in our region. I was actually happy for i did it for the first time. What bothers me now, when the SDS told me that i have to be an HT-I for 3 years before i get into another higher position. Di ba pwedeng mag jump ng 2 higher positions sa promotion? gusto kasi nyang ipalabas na i have to be in HT-I for 3 yrs. HT-II 3yrs. so on..please enlighten me on this. thank you po.
        My whole hearted support to the 140 group, expect my financial assistance as soon as our bonus arrives.


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