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2016 Principals’ Test Frequently Asked Questions

How was the cut-off score determined in the 2015 Principals’ Test?

In January 2015, a technical working group composed of incumbent school heads and superintendents reviewed the process of the examination in the previous years. It was discovered that a number of passers got high scores in few domains but scored very low in other domains.

Owing to the critical role of the school heads, it is important that they develop the competencies across domains at an acceptable level.

The original proposal was to set the cut-off score at 80% overall rating with no rating lower than 75% in any of the domains. This was presented and consulted with the Regional Offices and group of Superintendents as early as May 2015.

However, in the National Executive Committee deliberations in January 2016, the cut off score that was adopted was 70% overall rating with no rating lower than 68% in any of the domains allowing 2,195 test takers to pass the examination.


2015 Principals’ Test Official List of Passers – NQESH

Results of the 2015 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH)

Will I be removed in my current post as TIC if there are more new passers in our division?

This is purely a management prerogative at the Division level.

When will be the next examination?

The next Principals’ Test will be announced in due time. As of the moment, there is no announcement regarding this.

How do we prepare for the next examination?

The 2015 Principals’ Test was designed based on the National Competency Based Standards for School Heads. It covered critical competencies converted into behavioural test items. There is no one specific preparation for the test. However, it would be of help if the examinee is already practicing the role of the school head consistent with the NCBSSH or is under the tutelage of a school head who is exemplary in his/her practices. Reading pertinent issuances as well as leadership and management references may also be useful.

Does NEAP have a review center?

NEAP is not, in any way, affiliated to any review center.

Does NEAP give training for aspiring school heads?

Initially, we will be training incumbent school heads/principals as well as principals’ test passers.

The long term plan is to identify high potential teachers who have consistently shown leadership and managerial skills and train and prepare them for the school head position even before they take the examination.

When will we get the printed Certificate of Rating?

All test takers will receive their Official Certificate of Rating. This will be forwarded to the regions and schools divisions when all the CORs have been printed. Corrections in the names and regions have been verified by the regional offices.

The earliest that this can be forwarded to the field will be in March 2016.

Will there be a training for the passers and previous year’s passers who haven’t been trained?

Yes. The School Heads’ Development Program: Foundation Course is set to be implemented by the Regional NEAP in Q3-Q4 of 2016.

What is percentile rank?

All the test takers scores/rating will be forced ranked and only the upper 10% will pass regardless of the score.

Prior to 2015 Principals’ Test, DepEd followed the percentile rank scheme whereby only around 1,300 passers nationwide.

If percentile rank will be applied in the 2015 Principals’ Test, only 1,732 will pass the test (score of 155 above).

Source: National Educators Academy of the Philippines

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