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2016 Principals’ Test Top Ten Passers


Here’s the list of the Top 10 Passers for the 2016 Principals’ Test held on April 9, 2017.

Christian N. SangoXI1
Benedick N. DamasoIII2-3
Jerome O. RamirezVII2-3
Roderick R. MendiolaNCR4
Diana Flor D. EcoCARAGA5-6
Ryan R. TiuVIII5-6
Marylou V. ArgamosaV7-10
Ma. Checilia S. BagsicIII7-10
Alvin A. EleydoII7-10

Rosemarie J. Llaneta

2016 Principals' Test Top Ten Passers

For the full list, click here: 2016 Principals’ Test Official List of Passers

Congratulations! #TAYOparaSaEdukasyon

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