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2018 Brigada Eskwela School Safety and Preparedness Guide

In view of the implementation of the 2018 Brigada Eskwela, this School Safety and Preparedness Guide intends to raise awareness and provide guidance to schools and education partners in ensuring safety and preparedness of our students and personnel before, during and after emergencies. Enumerated below is a minimum list of activities that may contribute to a safer school. School Principals need to identify what are most appropriate and important for their schools. School Heads may also identify other measures that may add-up to this list.

2018 Brigada Eskwela School Safety and Preparedness Guide


  1. Facilitate the assessment of school electrical system to make necessary repairs and/or upgrades to prevent fire incident.
  2. Repair minor classroom damages such as broken windows, doors, blackboards, roofs, etc.
  3. Install appropriate and available fire suppression equipment or resources such as fire extinguishers, water source, and other indigenous materials.
  4. Make sure that corridors and pathways are unobstructed and that all sharp, protruding objects which may cause harm to students are removed.
  5. Clean and clear drainage to prevent clogging. Cover drainage canals and provide necessaiy warnings.
  6. Cordon off and post safety signage for on-going construction, unfinished, damaged and condemned buildings.
  7. Secure cabinets and drawers and ensure that heavy objects are below head level.
  8. Post safety measures in laboratories and workshops.
  9. Prepare an evacuation/exit plan and directional signage on every floor of the building.
  10. Identify evacuation areas and classrooms that can be used as temporary shelters during disasters and emergencies.
  11. Prune trees to avoid entanglement from electrical wirings and avoid potential harm to life and property.


  1. Post a directory of emergency contact numbers of relevant government agencies and offices, in various areas of the school.
  2. Establish early warning mechanisms and inform all students and personnel on this.
  3. Equip school with first aid kits, flashlights, megaphones, and other necessary supplies that may be needed in times of emergencies. Ensure that these items can be easily located and accessed.
  4. Identify alternative sources and/or maintain supply of drinking water within the school.
  5. Ensure that students, teachers, and personnel have identification cards with relevant information.
  6. Create database of student with the contact details of their family.
  7. Secure and safely store vital school records.
  8. Coordinate with barangay officials on pedestrian safety of students.
  9. Document accidents experienced by students and personnel within the school to improve prevention and mitigation measures.


  1. Identify a storage area for safekeeping of vital schools records, textbooks, teaching manuals, computers, and other school equipment.


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