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2018 National Heritage Month

May 03, 2018

DepEd Memorandum No. 80, s. 2018



Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public and Private Elementary and Secondary School Heads
All Others Concerned

1. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) through the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage (SCH), in partnership with the Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. (FHFI), will spearhead the celebration of the 2018 National Heritage Month (NHM) with the theme Pambansang Pagkakaisa Para sa Pamana/National Unity for Heritage in May 2018. The celebration is pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 439 dated August 11, 2003 entitled Declaring the Month of May as National Heritage Month.

2. The celebration aims to:

a. create in the people a consciousness, respect, and love for the legacies of Filipino cultural history;

b. raise material support for the protection of tangible and intangible things;

c. strengthen awareness of cultural heritage sites, structures, and landscapes, and encourage participation in the preservation of these cultural legacies through various activities such as performing arts at these sites and/or visual art and fashion exhibits, thematic culinary events, as well as popular folk food fairs, design retrospectives and competitions, media and literary events, and homage to living traditions and intangible heritage; and

d. project, promote, and celebrate Filipino multicultural traditions and indigenous peoples culture.

3. DepEd offices and schools are enjoined to support and undertake activities such as music/dance/theater performances, film and visual arts exhibits, visits to museums or cultural sites, or any other forms relevant to the theme. The 2018 National Heritage Month official streamers and other related collaterals are requested to be displayed. The streamer template, calendar of activities, and other details are available through the NCCA website and social media accounts: http://ncca.gov.ph/, https://www.instagram.com/ncca/, and https://twitter.com/NCCAOfficial.

4. The NCCA also invites participation to the #ParaSaPamana online advocacy campaign-a photo essay contest in Facebook aimed to spread awareness and encourage the public to join in the advocacy of preserving our cultural and historical heritage. The contest will run from May 1 to 20, 2018. Twenty entries will be given special prizes for participating in the contest. Complete contest mechanics can be found on the enclosure to this Memorandum.

5. For more information, contact Ms. Eileen Rudi of the Cultural Heritage Section, National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), 633 General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila through telephone no. (02) 527-2192 local 339, mobile phone no. 0926-062-6345 or email at sch@ncca.gov.ph.

6. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


(Enclosure to DepEd Memorandum No. 080, s. 2018)

2018 National Heritage Month Online Campaign


Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 429, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), spearheads the annual celebration of the National Heritage Month during the month of May, since 2003. This event is in recognition of the need to create among the people a consciousness, respect, and love for the legacies of Filipino cultural history. As part of the NCCA’s mandate to conserve, protect, and promote the country’s cultural and historical heritage, the public is encouraged to partake in activities initiated by different cultural agencies to promote the said celebration. For 2018, the celebration will carry the theme “Pambansang Pagkakaisa Para sa Pamana”.

To mark the National Heritage Month this May 2018, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) launches its #ParaSaPamana online advocacy campaign, which aims to enjoin netizen’s perspectives in their idea of cultural heritage conservation and preservation; and how they see themselves contributing to making these ideas happen. The initiative will use Facebook as a platform for the photo-essay campaign using the hashtag #ParaSaPamana to spread awareness and encourage the public to participate in the advocacy of preserving our cultural and historical heritage.

The NCCA will compile the #ParaSaPamana posts from May 1 to 20, 2018. These will be consolidated and used in a video montage, which the NCCA will feature in its official website and social media accounts. The NCCA will then select 20 participants from the #ParaSaPamana photo essay campaign who will be given special prizes as simple tokens for participating in the activity.


1. #ParaSaPamana online campaign is open to all Filipinos who own a Facebook account. Participating individuals must comply and adhere to the rules of the social networking site. Officials and employees of the NCCA are disqualified from joining.

2. Entry post must be a single high-resolution photo of any form of local cultural heritage with the Facebook user himself, and with the completed caption in 100-150 words (English or Filipino):

“Bilang tagapangalaga ng pamana, (state your idea/s of preserving and conserving our cultural heritage). Sa pamamagitan ng (state what you are willing to contribute or do to make these changes happen), makakatulong ako sa pagkakaisa #ParaSaPamana.”

3. Make sure to like the NCCA’s official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NCCAOfficial) and use the hashtag #ParaSaPamana to ensure that your entry is valid.

4. Privacy settings of the entries must be set to “Public”.

5. Please note that pre-selected entries will be uploaded in NCCA’s Facebook account. By joining the #ParaSaPamana contest, NCCA is granted the permission to post your photo and name in its social media handles, website, and other advocacy activities relative to its causes.

6. Make sure that you follow NCCA’s official Facebook account to check if your entry has been pre-selected for inclusion in the video montage and the raffle of prizes.

7. Only valid entries posted until May 20, 2018 (6:00 p.m., Philippine Standard Time) shall be included in the video montage and in the random drawing of 20 prize winners.

8. Winners shall be notified by NCCA through a private message on Facebook.

Criteria forjudging:

  • Relevance to the Theme- 50%
  • Writeup Content – 30%
  • Originality -10%
  • Visual Impact – 10%
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