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2018 Palarong Pambansa Message of Sec. Briones

My warmest greetings to the officials, organizers, partners, and delegates of Palarong Pambansa 2018 hosted by the Province of Ilocos Sur!

I share with utmost optimism the highly opportune theme of the Department of Education’s flagship sports program this year – “Championing the Spirit of Young Filipino Athletes.”

Through the Department’s commitment to promote physical education and school sports as integral part of basic education, we hone our learners’ athletic prowess, and champion their potentials in the field of sports.

The much-anticipated Palarong Pambansa, however, does not only identify and train future athletes who will represent the country in international competitions. More importantly, it inculcates the spirit of discipline, teamwork, excellence, fair play, solidarity, and sportsmanship which are more valuable than winning trophies and medals.

Whatever the outcome of this event, let us continue to provide our learners with access to programs on sports development to ensure their holistic growth. This way, we champion their physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being, consistent with our commitment to produce lifelong learners equipped with the values and competencies they need to conquer life’s challenges.

This Palaro is indeed another milestone for the Department, and for all who have made this momentous occasion possible. For this, we extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation.

May this multi-sports event leave a legacy and contribute to the realization of our vision and mission to deliver quality, accessible, relevant, and liberating basic education for all.

Congratulations to everyone, and mabuhay!

DepEd Secretary

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Mark Anthony Llego

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