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2019 Graduation Message of ASDS Alicia Anghay

Congratulations Batch 2019 Graduates!

You are now enjoying the benefit of the hardships that you went through. Your mentors and I couldn’t be more proud. By now you may have charted your next course. Whether you choose a higher educational pursuit or invade the world of work, always remember that you have to design and create what you want.

Success is never really a straight line, it has humps and bumps along the way. Look past your limits and forge ahead, challenge perceptions, and be mindful of the choices you have.

For our Senior High School graduates who choose work as curriculum exit, your education ends now for in the industry world there is only training, and more training. Be unfazed. Be success seekers rather than failure avoiders. Do things not really because they tell you but because you want to. Do work not because it is a requirement but because it is an opportunity.

More importantly, be actively caring for other people for wherever you may be in life you have to relate to others.

Good luck and make it happen!

OIC – Assistant Schools Division Superintendent

2019 Graduation Message of ASDS Alicia Anghay
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